What is the best way to ignore a girl?

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What is the best way to ignore a girl?

The route to a female’s heart is to appraise her endlessly.

Every woman likes a man who praises her day and night and makes her feel special. So to impress a lady a man must always shower the best compliments on her.

A girl might like a man who praises her but if the same man starts ignoring her, she gets more attracted towards him. It’s a common psychology that when a guy ignores a girl, he gains her thousand times more attention than he could have gained by praising her.

Ankit and Alisha were two best friends. They were both friends as well as classmates. Ankit loved Alisha but hesitated to confess his love for her before her. He decided to consult his friend Prince. Prince was his very close friend. He could share anything with Prince.

This was a matter in which he genuinely needed a true friend’s guidance and help.

“Prince I want to tell you a secret. I can only share my secret with you. I trust you and I know that it’s only you who can give me the most perfect advice regarding the situation I’m facing currently.”

“Friend you can rely on me blindly. Don’t worry about anything dear friend. Your problem is my problem. I’ll get you out of any problem, any time. What’s your secret, buddy. Come, tell me quick.”

“I’m in love with Alisha.”

“Congratulations buddy. But why are you so depressed? It’s a pleasurable thing to fall in love. You seem as if you are in a shock. Look at yourself. You look like a grief-stricken man.”

“I know it’s not wrong to fall in love, especially with a best friend. How to win her attention? I want her to feel the same for me. I want her to fall in love with me. I want to cut the line between love and friendship. I don’t even know whether she feels the same for me or not. I’m scared to lose her a friend too.” “If you want her to feel the same for you and if you want to look at you beyond a friend then the best way is to ignore her.” “How can I ignore her? I love her. She’s my best friend. I need her. I can’t stay a single minute without talking to her.”

“Ankit, my friend, it is the only way to seek her attention. A girl always feels special when a guy praises her. A girl gets so used to a guy’s company that she feels nothing extraordinary about his presence and only considers him as a friend. The same concept applies in your case.

Alisha is so used to your company and your care and concern that she has never looked at you in that way. You always praise her, help her, talk to her. So does every other male friend of her does with her. So how will she distinguish you with other guys? The day you’ll start ignoring her, trust me, she’ll feel disturbed and will try to figure out the reason behind such ignorance. Your ignorance will raise several questions in her mind like why you are ignoring her, has she done anything wrong, do you want to stay away from her, and many more questions. She’ll start missing your absence and it’s your absence that will make her realize that her life is incomplete without you.”

“I don’t know. All I know is that your advices are always worthwhile and so I’ll do exactly as you instruct me. Just tell me what to do next?” Prince began to express his ideas to make Alisha fall in love with Ankit. He instructed her on how to ignore her and he kept on listening and listening.

After Prince was done, Ankit hugged him. Prince wished him luck for the next day and hoped that he implements the plan well. The next day onwards Ankit started avoiding Alisha. Whenever she approached him to talk to her, he walked away. He always acted as if he was too busy to talk to her. But she felt disturbed when she saw him talking to everyone except for her. He praised every girl except for her. His ignorance disturbed her. Things started to happen as Prince had explained Ankit. She was missing him. She decided to approach him and talk to him directly. While Ankit was talking to his friends, she walked into his group and said, “Ankit can I have a few words with you, please?”

Ankit replied, “I’m with my friends presently. I’ll be back to you soon.” “Ankit I want to talk to you right now. If you don’t talk to me right now then don’t talk to me ever again. It will be the end of our friendship.” Ankit felt that he was being too harsh now. He finally decided to speak to her. He felt sorry when he saw tears in her eyes. She took him somewhere in a less crowded-place and asked him what was the reason behind his ignorance.

He remained silent. When she received no answer from him despite of several attempts she said, “I want you back. I can’t stay away from you. I really miss you Ankit. I feel envious when I see you with other girls. I accept that I’m in love with you.” The moment when Ankit heard the magical words from Alisha’s tongue he rejoiced and he too confessed his love for her and communicated the entire plan that he and Prince planned and he just uttered out everything. She just smiled and turned him “stupid”. He held her hands and they walked holding each other’s hands silently.

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