Role of caste in society and politics

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Role of caste in society and politics

Indian society pays much attention to caste based system.

In earlier days, caste based distinction was much predominant than today. However, realizing the vital part caste could play in shaping the future of our political leaders, it somehow got embedded in our social fabric and numerous instances of caste based interference can be seen predominantly in our society as well as politics.

Caste based interference in Society

With caste based reservation being in place, the prevalence of caste in our daily life is well evident. Reservations for different castes in various Government Jobs have further fuelled this system. The effects are visible in society and sometimes less competent people are able to get good Government Jobs, owing to the existence of the caste-based system in society.

Caste based interference in Politics

Our political system is not aloof from caste based politics. Major Indian states as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar run their politics based on caste only. The winning ability of any candidate is decided based on a number of votes he or she can get from people of their caste. This has given rise to a precarious situation where development has taken a back seat and political parties are only interested in cashing on the sentiments of people.

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