Will You Get Caught If you Download a Movie on BitTorrent?

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Will You Get Caught If you Download a Movie on BitTorrent?

Who doesn't like watching a movie on the internet, but with piracy becoming a major area of concern, is it safe to download movies on BitTorrent? Or will I get caught if I download a movie on the website?

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BitTorrent has increasingly become one of the most popular medium of file sharing. The torrent search or the magnet link helps to find the desired file from other users on the network. The process in itself is not illegal or unsafe. It is the protocol which is used by the devise to share files over the network of users through magnet links of the desired file search. The developers of this service were much under scrutiny as hackers found the software to be encouraging and enabling theft. The users who search the desired file with the magnet link is call the peers and the place from where the file is extracted is all seeding i.e. the users who already posses the file. This file is then extracted from the user like a leech and peered it on the desired computer. This phenomenon is called the pirate etiquette. This is not followed by any legal hassle, piracy, or copyright issue but, if you leech or seed copyright files then it may cause a legal bother, though it is very rare that the torrent regulators had penalized any seeder.

Getting caught however has lesser chances but your personal security might be prone to cyber threats. 

Downloading torrents isn't illegal. However, most of the content that you download on torrents is copyright protected and downloading them is seen as copyright infringement, which sure is illegal. I would advise you not to use BitTorrent ever, as it takes away so much from the people who do the hard work to produce content. Purchase things, so that they keep on making wonderful content.

While downloading copyright content from one of Torrent websites may be illegal, the chances of the law enforcement getting their hands on your next to nothing. However, there have been instances when people uploading latest movies on the internet have been found and held liable. So, if you are merely downloading, it shouldn't be an issue. 

It is not likely that you'll be caught while downloading movies on bit torrent. But piracy does make downloading a risky task. 

No, chances of getting caught for downloading a movie are next to zero. If you download something that's illegal in your country, then according to the cyber law of your country you could be held liable. 

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