Should girls in India be allowed to give last rites to their parents?

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Should girls in India be allowed to give last rites to their parents?

An incident came to notice recently when a girl in Jaipur performed the last rites of her father. While it might seem normal to the world but, it has raised many questions among the people in India.

As per rituals of Hinduism, the girls can't light the funeral; it is the son of the dead who can only perform the last rites. But, this girl breaking all odds said goodbye to her father as he had no son. The man wanted his daughters to get a good education. The girl aspires to become a teacher.

Religion is a taboo in our country. It promotes many superstitions and disbelief. This girl not only proved these customs wrong but also let her father's soul rest in peace by breaking stereotypes.

Our country needs many of such incidents to set correct examples. The girl proved her existence despite societal pressure where girls are not welcome in the family. A girl child holds an equal right and importance as the boy. In fact, many religions itself promote equality of gender. What we must understand here is that we should not let the society influence our beliefs. It does no good to anybody; rather, it creates problems among each other.

Let not the society or people make a fool out of you. A girl should be allowed to do all that what a boy is allowed to do, then why not light a funeral pyre?

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