When Do Girls Stop Growing?

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When Do Girls Stop Growing?

Do you find yourself short heighted? Have you been wondering why did you not grow as tall as you other friends? The answer is genetics or maybe hormones or maybe lack of nutrients.

If you are in your teen age and wish to grow taller then make sure you know when do girls stop growing, so that you can act upon it beforehand.

Generally, girls grow faster (in height) during the age bracket of 9-12 years. They experience their fastest growth spurts when they are 11-12 years of age. The average height that girls gain during this age bracket is around 3 inches which is nearly 7 – 8cm per year.

It is around the age of 12 that girls hit their first period which slows down their growth process. The majority of the girls stop taking height when they turn 17 years old. Usually, girls do grow an inch or two once they start menstruating.

When Do Girls Stop Growing In Height?

Biologically, 1-2 years before every girl starts to menstruate, their growth hormones are quite active. They are the most agile between the ages of 10 and 13. Once she starts getting her periods, they are either fully grown or reach their final height in the coming year or two which is 14-15 years of age.

As per the studies conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height of a woman aged 20 or more is 63.8 inches which is almost 5 foot 4 inches compared to 50 inches, which is the median height of a girl in her early days of puberty.

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What Are The Signs Of Puberty In Girls?

Puberty is basically a phase which marks the transformation of a little wrench into a fully developed woman. Women are generally shorter in height than men because their growth is slower to that of men during puberty. On an average, boys grow up to 5 inches every year whereas the growth spurts in women is limited to only 3 inches in a year.

Puberty in a girl is usually marked by the growth of her breasts, hands, feet, and legs. A girl grows fat on her lower body, i.e. her thighs gain flesh and her hips grow wider and rounder giving her waist a slimming effect. Her upper back and upper arms also tend to flesh up. This fat is healthy and is required for maintaining a healthy reproductive system and to regularize period cycles.

The growth of a woman depends mostly on four factors:

• Genetics

Genetics plays a very important role in determining the height of their offspring. A child’s height has a lot to do with the height of their parents. Family height history and their growth patterns are some highly influential factors.

To have an approximation of how tall will your daughter grow you can:

Subtract the father’s height by 5 inches and add it to the mother’s height. The sum, when divided by two, will give you an approximate height of your daughter.


Unnecessary stress can affect the body in negative ways which eventually results in a slow or reduced production of growth hormones. A stress-free body releases more growth hormones and gives a taller height.

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Proper nutrition is essential for the general growth of every living organism. Eating a healthy and balanced diet during and prior to puberty accelerates the growth process of girls. A diet rich in protein, calcium, vitamins A, and D can help girls to grow taller.

• Environmental Factors

Different environmental factors can influence the growth of a girl during her puberty. Factors like healthy food, proper health care, and hygienic sanitation facilities affect her growth and height before and during her puberty. According to studies, due to the availability of modern and safer facilities, girls are growing taller in comparison to previous generations.

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How Can Girls Maximize Their Growth Potential?

One of the best and the easiest way to reach their optimal height, girls need to maintain a healthy diet during puberty after which they usually stop growing. Having good dietary habits can play a major role in influencing your growth hormones. Over weight, girls experience early puberty. Early puberty means that your growth will stop earlier than other girls.

A healthy and balanced meal includes:

• fruit and vegetables

• plenty of water

• food rich in fiber

• food rich in protein

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