Learn to say no

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Learn to say no

Everybody loves to hear a YES in whatever may be the situations. Yes is something which when a person hears from another is the most delighted moment ever. Whether it’s for asking somebody out or a thing in particular if this yes comes from the other side, it’s the most satisfactory feeling ever. Some people are like they don’t want to argue with others so just because of it they say yes, some because of shame or fear of the other say yes. But, have you ever thought that your saying yes is a disadvantage for you only.

Saying yes is really appreciated but in those situations where it is literally demanded. Saying it unnecessary and without any valid reason is none less than stupidity because it results in your loss only.

Saying NO might be bad for others but it may be good for you. People who tend to ask for things again and again for them this NO word is much needed.people especially girls,should habit of saying a big no in certain situations like at the time of casting or if it is the matter or their reputation or character. Girls should be strong enough to say no as we all know people tend to take advantage of them a lot.

There are several types of people and in them there are types which ask for may be your clothes to wear for one day or two, your accessories may be, your personal etc. just because the other person will feel bad on refusing them for taking a particular thing, people take undue advantage of your saying YES to them. In my opinion everyone should learn to say a big no to people who deal in such habits.

Likewise, if somebody asks your opinion in a yes or no, always say what your thoughts are and then come to a conclusion saying yes or no. don’t ever think that the other person will feel bad if I didn’t take his or her side and reply according to it. Everyone has its own thoughts and opinions varaying from each other. Also if someone asks you for money knowing you don’t have much then learn to just say no because you need it the most not the other one.

Those days are gone when people use to think of others and help them whatever might be their condition. The present scenario says to use your mind and learn to say no on conditions justified. Don’t think what the other thinks of you, just do what you want to do. Listen to your heart and be clever at times because this world is full of such people who will just use you when they need your help and will throw you out once the work is done. I will suggest everyone to learn to say no to those who are using you or are taking undue advantage of you.

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Helping all is a good thing but in a condition when one cannot help but give fake promises. Everyone loves to hear “Yes” for whatever they say and ask. But one cannot always say “Yes” to everything. A person should learn to say “No” also. For all wrong things also if person say yes than that’s not worth it. There is a saying “Give yourself the permission to say “NO” to anything that makes you unhappy, and or drains your energy”.

Some people feel saying no makes the other unhappy or may lose a relationship with the other. But why do we forget that if we cannot fulfill the wish of others than that also makes the other unhappy. Hence I feel one should learn to say “No”.


yes, saying no is not at all wrong. It depends on the situation and what kind of work is expected from us. The decision should be yours and it should be a firm NO if you don't want to do that work.

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