What does Emoji mean?

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What does Emoji mean?

Who is obsessed with emojis? Do you find it hard to resist the urge to use multiple emojis each time you take to Whatsapp or post something on Instagram? Or are you at this moment really confused about what exactly are we talking about? In both cases, you are going to enjoy this article. Be ready to read all about emoji and its usage.

With love for emoji spreading all over the world, it has almost become impossible to live without including them while you are texting. Down below is an explanation of what an emoji is and which of them are most popular and loved. Also how you can go about using them.

What Is An Emoji?

Emoji is also known as an emoticon. They are the small pictorial depictions used to convey emotions, mood, or certain specific objects. They have been around for quite a long period of time, but the increase in its usage in the mainstream has gained momentum only after the rise of the extensive use of the smartphones.

Each time we use emoticons we have an absolute meaning in mind which we wish to convey to the other person. What the other person will interpret the emoji as is completely dependent on the other person understanding. The use of emoji can sometimes prove to be a little complicated, as people tend to misinterpret the meaning of some of them.

Here are some of the emoticons that we often misinterpret along with their meanings:

#1. The monkey with his hands on his eye is the 'see no evil monkey.' Most people misunderstand it to be an expression of ‘oops.' When we tend to put our hands on the eye, it is because we have done something wrong and because we have suddenly realized that the thing we just said was weird or embarrassing. But, the actual meaning of this emoji is seeing no evil. The concept is related to the proverb ‘see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil.’

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#2. The person with folded hands emoticon looks like two hands touching each other. The actual meaning it is supposed to convey is a ‘thank you’ or a ‘please’. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of misinterpretation of this emoji. Some people think this means prayer or a person praying. It is also taken to be a high five and a lot of people actually use it for that. 

(Image Courtesy: iemoji )

#3. The emoji with the nail polish being painted over the nail is not always correctly interpreted. A lot of women use this as a way of expressing sass or even saying ‘I am better’ to the other person. It is also used as a way of flaunting one's good looks. But the actual meaning of this emoji is the plain and simple application of nail paint. If you ever wish to convey to some one that you at any point of time are applying or planning to apply nail paint, then go ahead and use this emoji.

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#4. The astonished face emoji is often mistaken for someone who is dying. It is the face which has two crosses in place of the eye and the mouth is open. This is actually meant to convey astonishment or a surprised feeling. When you are shocked at the sight or thought of something, then it is appropriate to use the emoji.

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