21 Things That You Should Be Doing When In Your Early Twenties

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21 Things That You Should Be Doing When In Your Early Twenties

The twenties are the years of trial and error and the early twenties invite more trials, more errors and more learning. While this age of experiment is full of bewilderment, these are the years which create your sense of self.

Here is a list of things you should do in your twenties to discover yourself.

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#1. Career- The best thing about your twenties is that you can experiment with your career and find that dream job. You have everything you need to determine if you are happy with the career direction you are headed to.

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#2. Travel- If you are well traveled, you begin seeing the world in a whole new light. While traveling with your friends and family is great, traveling solo will take your experience to a whole new level.

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#3. Get rid of those fears- Whether it is a fear of heights, dark, stage, or even commitment, it somehow holds you back. You need a whole lot of spirit and energy to let go of your fears. Well, what courageous and better time can you find than your twenties to bid adieu to your fears?

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#4. Live alone – Living alone will help you create your lifestyle and give you a sense of responsibility. It may scare you at first, but eventually, you find your way out.

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#5. Go off the Wire- A herculean task in the digital era, cutting out on the internet may help you bring out your best. You can try giving it up for one whole day at regular intervals.

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#6. Volunteer- Bring out the passion for social service in you. It is in your twenties that you can take out some time to support a cause or help the underprivileged. It gives you an ability to raise your voice.

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#7. Pursue an adventure – Twenties are the best years to follow any adventure that comes your way. From river rafting and camping to paragliding and skydiving, adventure sporting brings out the life in you.

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#8. Experiment with your looks- Get that tattoo that you have wanted to, or that haircut you have been scared to try on. Your twenties are the times to work on appearance as much as you want.

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#9. Start saving- Develop your pattern of financial planning and savings while you are in your twenties. It might be of great help in the long run.

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#10. Learn how to cook- Speaking of self- dependence, your twenties are the perfect years to acquire that art of cooking. Not relying on a home delivery service feels great.

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#11. Read – Reading lets you travel without even having to move. While you are in your twenties, develop a habit of reading every day.

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#12. Get a pet- Your pet may become a perfect companion in those lonely days and may even make you a more responsible adult.

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#13. Spend time with the elderly – A soothing conversation with a wise old person is something that may come in handy in your twenties.

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#14. Maintain your network of friends- Your friends are the ones who can help you in keeping your calm during you quarter life crisis.

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#15. Fitness and health- Since the adulthood has just hit you hard, and you are busy holding your career and social life, it important to keep your health maintained.

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#16. Call quits on that difficult relationship- It is high time that you walk out of that upsetting relationship. The twenties are the years when you meet a large number of people. Don’t shut your options down if you are unhappy with your relationship.

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#17. Question all that does not make sense- Your twenties are the years when you can set your belief system. Now that you are not naïve enough feel free to question everything that seems problematic to you.

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#18. Resolve that childhood conflict- While you have reached your twenties, aim at confronting that conflict from your childhood that you have been finding yourself unable to resolve.

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#19. Learn a Language – Learning a new language not only helps you in your career, but it also gives you an insight on an entire culture.

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#20. Make room for a hobby- Just because you are busy making a career, you don’t have to overlook everything else. Always make time for the hobby that lets you transiently escape from the hurly burly.

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#21. Go easy on yourself- Despite all the frenzy of newly acquired adulthood, just be easy on yourself and set yourself free.

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