21 Best Monsoon Destinations Around The World

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21 Best Monsoon Destinations Around The World

Sitting back in our blankets with a good book and a hot cup of coffee during the rain may seem to be a good option. However, traveling during monsoon can provide a whole lot of adventures and memories. 

Contrary to the conventional approach, there are numerous perks that the rainy season has to offer. From cheap fares and fewer travelers to a pleasant weather, exploring different monsoon destinations can be quite refreshing.

Here is a list of some of the best monsoon destinations around the world:-

#1. Japan

 The monsoon in Japan begins in the month of May and last until July. Japan offers certain traveler and tourist attractions which can possibly be enjoyed only during rainy season. The famous Hydrangeas festival celebrates the colorful Hydrangeas plants which bloom only during the rainy season. Tokyo’s Hamaryiku Garden, a popular tourist attraction, houses the beautiful monsoon flower of Japan. You can collect the lovely Japanese umbrellas as a souvenir while you wrap your trip up.

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(Image Courtesy: Tokyo in Pics)

#2. Indonesia

A great place to visit during the rainy season, Indonesia provides a great scenic experience and a cozy weather to enjoy your holidays. You have a plethora of options to pursue here during the monsoon, like exploring the greenery and the natural reserves. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the best adventure sports one can try here. Bali is a major hub for sun and water soaking while Sumatra offers the serene Lake Toba, Lengkuas Island and the peaceful Buddhist temple of Borobudur.

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(Image Courtesy: Wonderful Indonesia)

#3. Thailand

Less crowd, cheap hotel and flight prices and a pleasant weather is what you get on visiting Thailand during the rainy season. However, plan your trip in accordance with the area-wise intensity of the rain. The areas like Samui, Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Tao are said to be safer for monsoon holidays in Thailand. It may surprise the rain haters that they can enjoy a whole lot of indoor activities in Thailand like visiting museums, taking their famous cooking classes and end up learning a lot about the culture over there.

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#4. Malaysia

One thing that makes Malaysia one of the best tourist destinations is that its beaches are open even during the monsoon. While the Perhensian Island offers swimming, diving, and snorkeling, you can pursue trekking and camping at the famous national parks over there. Gunung Gading National Park guards the world’s rarest floral beauty, the Rafflesia flowers.

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#5. Singapore

Singapore has not one but two rainy seasons. Despite the rain showers, Singapore never misses out on the alluring events during the monsoon season. The amusing event of Great Singapore Sale, where people get unimaginable discounts brings out the shopping enthusiast in you. Travelers can also treat their taste buds with the delicacies at the Singapore Food Festival, held in monsoon.

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(Image Courtesy: Kuda Go)

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#6. Uttarakhand, India

Uttarakhand is one of the best monsoon destinations of India. The picturesque valleys and the refreshing air of the rainy season can easily satiate your thirst for monsoon travel. One of the major tourist attractions during the rainy season in Uttarakhand is The Valley of Flowers. Located in Western Himalayas, the valley is brought back to life with the rain showers. Treasuring over 300 different types of flowers, it is a definite treat for your eyes. Another monsoon destination from Uttarakhand is the hill station of Mussoorie, which gets bewitchingly green during the rainy month of August.

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(Image Courtesy: The Holiday India)

#7. Goa, India

Visiting Goa during the rainy season can actually make you explore the real place. While you do not restrict your time in Goa to beaches, you might come across some thrilling festivals, wildlife sanctuaries, and spellbinding scenic beauty. Sao Joao is a major monsoon festival celebrated in Goa, where the people take on various amusing activities like jumping into a well or dancing under the monsoon shower. Rainy season is also the best time to try out your fishing skills in Goa.

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(Image Courtesy: Thrillophila)

#8. China

The advent of summer rain is said to be the best time to visit China. During the months of April and May, you may come across a wide range of festivals like Sister’s Meal Festival, which is celebrated in April. The gentle rain showers can beautify the view of South China’s mountainous regions like the Yellow Mountains or the Li River. While you move up North towards Beijing, Summer Palace is a major tourist attraction to check out. The palace also has a dragon boat for exploration purpose, which makes your rainy day even more exciting.

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(Image Courtesy: Synotrip)

#9. Vietnam

In Vietnam, the monsoon shower begins around the month of April and continues until October. If you actually intend to get an insight of Vietnamese culture, the monsoon is the best time. One thing that makes the rainy season even more interesting for outsiders is that the life does not come to a halt with rain. You may also get a whole new perspective on how to use a poncho in the monsoon during your visit.

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(Image Courtesy: Backyard Travel)

#10. Mexico

The rainy season in Mexico begins in the month of May or June and ends in the month of October or November. Monsoon can actually be a good time to visit Mexico as the dried land comes back to life with spellbinding greenery. The rain showers also keep the weather pleasant and allow you to leave the room for both indoor and outdoor activities. Caves in Mexico are something worth exploring during the rainy season.

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(Image Courtesy: Mexico Travels)

#11. Brazil

Brazil can offer you a plethora of sight-seeing and activities during its monsoon. In cities like Rio De Janeiro, the rainy season will not stop you from visiting the local museums, malls, and clubs while wetlands like Pantanal during the rainy season provide you an unforgettable exploration experience on small boats, canoes, and horseback. You may also come across numerous migratory fishing birds at Pantanal during this season.

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#12. Taiwan

Another one of the best places to visit in Monsoon, Taiwan has a wide range of distinctive cafes which may come as a delight during the rainy season. Interestingly, Taiwan is also popular for its traditional tea houses. Baobing, an ice-based dessert popular in Taiwan, is something that you do not want to miss on that rainy day. In case you need a short break from the rain, you can conveniently visit an underground mall to keep the weather troubles away.

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(Image Courtesy: Flights to Taiwan)

#13. Philippines 

Named among the best monsoon destinations, the monsoon in the Philippines will never shut you in. For all the adventure lovers out there, you can certainly go for surfing while in the Philippines. And what better time is it to surf than on a rainy day? Water sports like wakeboarding, water rafting and swimming in the Hot Springs is also popular during monsoon here. If nothing else, you can go on a culinary spree to make your day more fulfilling. Beaches, museums, and resorts are something worth checking out.

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(Image Courtesy: Trip the Islands)

#14. Seoul, South Korea 

Seoul has numerous cafes which run around a particular theme. The themes may be as unique as a Hello Kitty Café, One Piece Café, Dog Café, Cat Café and even Sheep Café. Korean Jjimjilbangs are something that every tourist must visit for the sake of relaxing. You can get a body scrub and massage or soak yourself in warm water. After all, nothing beats spending a rainy day in the comfort of a sauna.

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(Image Courtesy: Cloud Mind)

#15. Costa Rica

The rainy season in Costa Rica begins in the month of June and lasts until November. The Central American monsoon has the trait of taking about a two-week break, which is popularly known as the mini summer over there. Despite the monsoon downpours, Costa Rica has some rainy season specific attractions, which makes it a great monsoon holiday destination. Ziplining, scuba diving, surfing, river rafting are some of the adventurous activities you can follow in Costa Rica. Also, you do not want to miss the myriad sea turtles at the shoreline.

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(Image Courtesy: Tes)

#16. Cambodia

Monsoon ends up making the countryside fresh and green. With the high water levels on the Tonle Sap Lake, visitors can also explore the forest and villages by boat. Another advantage of the monsoon that makes your trip smooth is that the rain showers are short in duration instead of full day downpours. Besides the beautiful flora and fauna, the spectacular Angkor Temples and its moats are at its best during the rainy season. Taking a view of the majestic Temples during the time when it is less crowded, adds to the visual treat.

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(Image Courtesy: Cambodia)

#17. Laos

During the monsoon at Laos, the downpour is generally during the early morning or in the late afternoon. In the scorching heat, the rain can be an ultimate relief and can create splendid landscapes as it rejuvenates the green plantations. The land is refreshed with many seasonal fruits, vegetables, and fragrant flowers. Besides the greenery, the place is washed away of all the dust and impurities when the flowing streams accumulate into the rivers. Monsoon is also a perfect time to go on a boat cruise on the Mekong and take a view of some of the Laos’ most beautiful waterfalls. Other lucrative benefits of visiting Laos during the monsoon are less number of tourists and travelers and cheap hotel prices. Guests can relish popular places like Luang Prabang and the 4.000 Islands in southern Laos without having to go through the crowd of fellow tourists. 

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(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#18. Sri Lanka

Monsoon does not necessarily bring in an everyday downpour in Sri Lanka, hence, beaches and unhindered outdoor activities are a possibility here. It is also a time of many interesting festivals and events. One such event is the festival of Vel and is usually celebrated in the month of July or August. The city’s streets are charged with the grand chariot processions along with music and dance. Famous parks of Sri Lanka like Yala, Minneriya, and Wilpattu attract the most number of tourists and travelers during monsoon. During this season, numerous species of whales can also be seen on the east coast near Trincomalee. 

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(Image Courtesy: Whale Watching Safari Mirisa)

#19. Bangladesh

It may come as a surprise but Bangladesh is one of the most underrated monsoon destinations around the world. Monsoon is a very pleasant and romantic season in Bangladesh. During monsoon, the place offers mouth watering delicacies like Khichuri, a dish made of rice and lentil which is paired with chicken or beef curry. Marriages during monsoon are quite a trend in Bangladesh, as the season brings in a pleasant weather. The floating guava markets, mango orchards, and the lively tea plantations make the season even more amusing.

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(Image Courtesy: Tour.khujbo)

#20. Borneo

The third largest island in Asia, Borneo is one of the best monsoon destinations. The island is divided among the three nations of Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. Monsoon usually begins in the month of December. While most of us eschew traveling during the downpours, Borneo has a lot to offer during its rainy season. Since monsoon is the famous season of fruits, the Satok Weekend market is the perfect place to check out the unique fruits. Tambang boats are also something worth checking out during this season.

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(Image Courtesy: Patryan Travel)

#21. Myanmar

Another best monsoon destination, Myanmar offers the best of weather and picturesque landscapes during the rain showers. The monsoon here begins usually in the month of May and last until September. Mandalay is a must visit the place during this season as it turns lush green. You can also relish the picturesque beauty of Bagan with fewer fellow travelers and tourists during the season. The most rejuvenating place during the monsoon, however, is the serene Inle Lake. The raised water level and the splendid canals make it worth the visit.

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(Image Courtesy: Anadolu Agency)

We would love to hear from you. Tell us more about your favorite monsoon destination. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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would love to go to Indonesia, especially Bali some day.

They all look amazing and equally appealing.If I had the time and resources I would start with all the beautiful destinations in India and then head East towards Japan, Cambodia, and Singapore and finally make my way towards Southern America.Great work, keep it up! 


Thailand is called the best vacation spot for tourists during monsoons.If you are planning for a holiday in the wonderland then make sure you pick months between December and April. the weather is calm, clear and has heart trenching beach views. although, monsoon being the pick for most of the people, the beaches are jam packed and are filled with trash.The services gets expensive and the transportation becomes a massive problem.

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