11 Hacks To Make Your Travel In India Easier

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11 Hacks To Make Your Travel In India Easier

As fun as it sounds, traveling can give you a tough time with some unexpected rough circumstances coming up. While getting travel paranoid may chase the fun away, it is always safe to prepare yourself for some everyday hardships which you might have to face during your travel. These prior preparations make your travel stress free to a great extent. Here is a list of some travel hacks which will make your journey easier:-  

#1. Split the money- Never put all your cash in one place as you might lose it all at once. Travelers have the tendency to stuff their wallet with all their cash since it is the most obvious cash storage choice. However, to minimize the loss by accidental droppings or mugging, it is recommended to store your cash in different places, so that you do not lose all your travel money in a blink of an eye.

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#2. Portable charger- Always carry a portable charger with you to avoid the risk of running out of battery. Since your phone can be your ultimate savior, you do not want to find yourself in a rough situation with a dead battery.

#3. Travel packing hack- Usually travelers fold and pile up their clothes into their bags. This method of packing ends up taking a whole lot of space. To make room for some more stuff in your bag, try rolling your clothes and fitting them into your bag instead of the regular fold and pile.

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#4. Copies of your ID- It is important to have copies of your ID proof and relevant documents with you while you are traveling to another destination. In case you find yourself entrapped in a difficult situation, these documents can come to your rescue. Keeping a soft copy will serve the purpose.

#5. Destination Alert- Destination Alert is the perfect application for people who have or who think they might doze off in the train and miss their station. This application gives you a wake-up call before you reach your destination station.

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#6. Where is my train- Remember that awkward moment when you could not figure the whereabouts of your train for a long time? With the application where is my train, you can easily find out your location without going into panic mode.

#7. Multiple clothing uses- Your jacket and scarf can surprise you with their multiple uses. You can use your scarf to block the daylight while sleeping and you can use it as a blanket at night. Your jacket, on the other hand, can be used as a pillow whenever you need.

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#8. App over the web- Train traveling in India has become easier with the new IRCTC application. You can book your ticket faster through the app than on the web. You can efficiently avail tatkal ticket, ladies quota, premium tatkal booking through the app.

#9. Bottom weight- If you are having trouble rolling your bag, it is probably because the weight in your bag is not correctly distributed. A hack for the rolling trouble is to put your heaviest item at the bottom of the bag. This also protects your lighter luggage from crushing.

#10. Incognito- For cheaper trains, flights and hotels always browse in incognito mode. Since Incognito mode does not keep track of your previous searches, it might provide you with some reasonable deals.

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#11. The travel back stench- Do you dread the stinking laundry in your bag while you are traveling back to your place after a trip. Place an unused soap bar in your dirty laundry to keep the foul smell away.

We would love to hear from you on your traveling hacks. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Traveling Has Become Easier Now

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