7 Tips To Maintain Perfect Fitness Even During Vacations

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7 Tips To Maintain Perfect Fitness Even During Vacations

Vacations are usually fun filled with bags of memories and palates of calories. Letting loose on holidays is the key to having a good time but what if you could stay fit and still enjoy your trip? 

Keeping in shape while on vacation may seem impossible, but it is a lot easier than you thought. Setting a goal before taking that vacation will help keep you motivated. Planning your meals and work out routines will make everything fall into place.

Read the article to know about the 7 easiest ways to a healthy and fit holiday season this time.

#1. Explore Your Surroundings

Vacationing is all about exploring new roads and paths. Skip the clichéd cab or taxi rides and instead walk your way to the destinations. A new city gives you the chance of uncovering the lesser known spots and activities. So, while walking, you can keep a tab of things that interest you. Reschedule your itinerary to fit in those activities too.

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#2. Give Your Day An Early Start

No, we are not trying to ruin your vacation by waking you early. But if staying fit during the holidays is one of your major concerns than try not to keep up till late in the nights. Or even if you do, make sure of getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep for a fresh morning. Starting your day early will give you ample time for a workout session before you get ready for touring the city.

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#3. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting might come across as a good way to avoid the extra weight gain without even actually working out. The idea is to reduce the amount of eating hours in the day. Try eating one or two larger meals, maybe with loads of calories instead of taking numerous short meals. While vacationing, we almost end up eating outside, so skipping your breakfast for brunch might reduce your calorie count.

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#4. Shopping

Shopping is a must while vacationing. Ditch the fancy clothing this time and indulge in some workout clothes. Get your hands on some cool gym and yoga pants. These might inspire you to kick out some vacation sweat while flaunting your hot yoga pants.

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#5. Sweat It Out In Your Hotel

Vacations mean hotel stays. Don’t stay curled up in your sponge beds, hop out and hit the gym. Hotels have huge and fully equipped gyms which are accessible to all guests. Get in your cool yoga pants and show them off while sweating it out in the gym.

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#6. Stay High On Water

Keep yourself hydrated always. A proper intake of water will help in preventing weight gain and bloating. Plus, it will give you a radiating skin for the perfect selfies. Just be sure that the water you drink is clean and hygienic.

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#7. Get Groovy

Holidays are no fun without a crazy dancing night. Dancing is super fun and will also help you lose out a lot of calories too. Look around for some peppy club or maybe ask the hotel manager to plan a dancing night for the guests. Don’t wait any longer, just put your hair down and let loose. Dance like no one’s watching!

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Staying fit while on holiday must have been like a nightmare to a lot of you. Use the comment section below to tell us how you plan to remain in shape this holiday season.

Yes, because vacations means eating calories

Yes, it is difficult to plan out a fitness regime even during a vacation. As the name suggests,

it calls for a break up from the monotonous routine life and switch to something which is

totally interesting/exciting. I would never prefer a fitness regime during a vacation. During

my vacation stint, I prefer to travel and discover/explore new places. So, hiking and

trekking keeps me fit on-the-go. Therefore, I do not find any need of hitting the gym

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