Is there too much gender stereotyping in clothes?

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Is there too much gender stereotyping in clothes?

Gender stereotyping is the act of over generalizing the attributes of a single member based on the collective characteristics of his sex.

People judge and classify in this manner, the expected behavioral patterns, social and sexual roles. In this context, it is highly important to acknowledge that sex is pre-defined, but gender, on the other hand, is performative.

The two words are synonymous and thus, cannot be used interchangeably. So it is impossible to determine and assume an individual’s gender role without prior knowledge of his preferences.

In recent times, studies are being conducted and rebellious experiments devised to stop the presumptuous determining of gender based on external factors, such as physical appearance, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, et al.

One subdivision under the above is the determination of gender through clothes and clothing styles. This is a rampant activity and till date, hospitals, and nursing homes have kept alive the practice of wrapping male babies in blue towels and female babies in pink towels. This age-old practice of assigning lighter, more subtle, submissive colors, especially pink to women and darker, bolder colors such as blue strictly to men has not just infused discrimination but also a mental disparity among the two sexes.

At this juncture, we must also acknowledge the work of feminists who have been relentlessly fighting for both sexes to abolish these baseless perceptions towards gender roles.

Why must the color pink be strictly reserved for women?

Why are men ridiculed and called gay if they turn up somewhere wearing a pink colored shirt?

Is being gay an insult then?

It is thus essential that we must let go of this backward and completely compartmentalized behavior towards individuals. One should be free to wear what they please and in the color of their choice. 

In conclusion, we must ask ourselves if it is okay to stereotype an individual based on anything other than his own declaration of his gender role. His garments, be it a shirt or a skirt; her hair, be it long or bald, or their choice of color coding their clothes can in no way become a signifier of their performance as an individual. Attempts in contemporary times are made to altogether discard these archaic perceptions of people and the behavioral patterns expected out of them. Under no circumstances can it be a defining factor to determine someone’s gender. Doing this, will not only ensure a world free of discrimination but also promote positivity and liberalism.

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