How can I learn business English well?

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How can I learn business English well?

Business English is the English language that is used in offices.

The main aim of Business English is to communicate effectively and create a good rapport between the employer and the employee and also between the officials of the organization and their clients. In the World where globalization is the need of the hour, business English has become an essential part every profession.The very first step is to master the sound of the English alphabets. Each alphabet has either a vowel or a consonant sound. A combination of two vowel sounds but pronounced as a single sound are called diphthongs like 'ai' in the word 'price'.  Mastering the sounds of English alphabets makes our pronunciation perfect which is necessary for legible speech.

There are two types of accent the 'Bristish' and the 'American'. The 'Bristish English' is accepted globally as the official language except America.

America has its own phonology and spelling which is accepted only in that country. However, while using the written script digitally we can use both British and the American spelling according to requirement. Appropriate spelling is the first step to a good vocabulary that enables free expression after mastering the art of choosing the right word in the right place.

Along with vocabulary perfection in English Grammar is the final step for learning business English. The verb is the backbone of the sentence and hence placing the verb in the right place in the sentence is very important. We also need to keep in mind the common errors we make while using a 'Perposition, Tense, Adjective, Pronoun and Conjunction'.

Letters are an important part of business English. It is the essential means of communication. Communication wheter verbally or through e-mails should be correctly decoded by the receiver in order to get a positive response. Starting from the address and saluting to the closing statement should be such that it attract the readers attention till the end and is responded back positively.

All business organization want to be progressive and create a niche in the market or society and its pivot is effective communication for which one has to learn business English well. 

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