Few tricks to master fluency over English communication skills

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Few tricks to master fluency over English communication skills

English is a vital language which is essential in this modern world today and in every phase of life. It is considered as a global language which has many applications in all the fields and areas. There are enormous advances in technology and also in the communication among various segments, English speaking and communication skills have become an important part of effective communication skills.

However, in this competitive world, it is difficult to communicate fluently in English with the basic skills for communicating. Due to this, many people might suffer from inferiority complex and may fall behind and fail to achieve the success in their career which they could easily achieve by just improving and mastering the fluency over English communication skills.

Tips to improve your English speaking and communication skills:

1. English is a weird language: One should accept that English is a weird language and should understand the patterns in the grammar and correlate with the type os sentence in which the words are used. For e.g. read is a word that can be used in different sentences and pronounced in a different manner depending on the tense, such as

a. I read the book yesterday (past tense) – In this sentence, the read word is pronounced as ‘red’.

b. I like to read the novels (present tense) – In this sentence, the read word is pronounced as to ‘reed’.

Another example is mice is a plural word for mouse, whereas ‘houses’ is the plural word for house. There are numerous examples with similar word and different meaning and pronunciation. Thus, one needs to just learn how to speak English without attempting to understand and find the reason for every small thing.

2. Slow the Speaking speed: While learning to speak English, one should speak slowly and clearly so that your pronunciation comes out correctly and easily understood by your audience. Also, you should select the words very carefully which also acts as a sign of respect for your audience.

3. Thinking before speaking: One should be relaxed and be comfortable before delivering the message you want to convey to your audience, as a well thought answer and speech are always preferred by the audience. The speaker should use some of the fixed phrases while remaining silent or thinking and can get enough time to reflect. This will sound fluent and also it will not create pressure on you to say anything without you being ready. Fixed phrases are words that are usually fixed in a certain order, such as verb patterns, collocations, idioms. 

Few examples for fixed phrases are:

a. In the meantime
b. Sorry to bother you
c. During the day
d. I’m just kidding
e. For what it’s worth
f. Tit for tat

4. You should learn the sentences and not words: When you learn or come across the new word, you should also learn and understand the word by using it in sentences and understand the meaning of the new word. Some people try to learn the words without understanding how to use the words in a sentence.

5. Listen more to understand English better: To better understand the English language it is essential to listen to what others are saying instead of just focusing on what you are saying or whether what you are saying is correct or not. Thus, you should pay attention to what is being said around you as these might be very helpful for you later in improving your communication skills.

6. Practice the interrogatives: One single person cannot communicate alone. This is a two-way process. Thus, one should always ask questions, such as What are your views on that? This type of questions will keep the audience alert and give the also opportunity to share their views and opinions. This, in turn, will also give you time to think and also relax at the same time.

7. Produce the Proper English language: Knowing the language is an accumulation of passive knowledge, that needs to be activated in proper manner and pattern. The main aim of the speaker should be producing correct and proper English. Thus, the basic and essential requirement is to practice the language which is considered to be the best way to learn English and improve all the flaws and mistakes that you might make while speaking. Writing is another way of activating and producing the language in a proper manner. Speaking and practicing the language will definitely improve your fluency over the English communications skills.

Thus, speaking fluent English is dependent on the good vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing, listening and practicing the language to attain perfection in fluency over the communication skills.

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Sure! Then you will improve your communication skill. When you learning foreign language it's important to listen to native speakers, writing essay and new words, speaking with friends, classmates and teacher and practicing everyday. 


Yes these are the 4 important pillars for effective communication.

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