What are the Best Magazines to Improve English Vocabulary?

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What are the Best Magazines to Improve English Vocabulary?

There are several ways to enhance your English vocabulary spectrum. Having a stock of good words makes you a better speaker as well as a writer. But, how can one acquire and learn English vocabulary? How can one improve vocabulary to convey their message in a better way? Are there any best magazines to improve vocabulary? 

Yes, invest your time in reading the following and observe the difference in how you speak and how you write.

Best Magazines To Improve Vocabulary

To improve your English vocabulary, religiously go through these magazines which will help you in gaining more and more knowledge.

#1. Mental Floss

Mental Floss can gain the first position when it comes to publishing vocabulary-rich articles along with genius content. If you are a person who keeps asking quirky questions to the world or yourself, then this is surely for you! You don't just learn interesting facts but also improve vocabulary in a fun and friendly manner.

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#2. Reader’s Digest

This is the perfect magazine when it comes to acquiring knowledge along with learning English vocabulary. Each article is worth reading. You will find anecdotes and short personal stories that range from witty stuff to inspirational articles and celeb moments.

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#3. People

Celebrity gossips are always entertaining. And when you are interested in reading a piece, you obviously make sure the entire thing makes way to your mind. People magazine has all the exciting content to radically improve your vocabulary. 

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#4. Vogue

English vocabulary doesn't improve only by reading hard core business or knowledge oriented magazines. Fashion and beauty magazines are no less when it comes to improving vocabulary with valuable articles. Vogue is one such magazine that gives out art, fashion, photography and more such related content. Read one article each day and notice the difference.

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#5. Fast Company

This one is a perfect business content magazine that also enlightens you about how successful companies operate. Despite being business centered, this magazine is easy-to-read. You aren't just improving your general knowledge but also reading some enriching articles. The level of writing is pretty supreme. Once your interest develops, so will your English vocabulary.

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#6. TIME

The magazine features expertly written current affairs and news. It is popular around the world. TIME provides a deeper understanding of each topic along with beautiful photographs and just the right topics. The magazine absolutely provides vocabulary rich articles. Serious issues are taken up, and one might have trouble in comprehending them. But that's how you learn. Until and unless it is not difficult, it might not leave the scope for you to learn.

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#7. Photography for Beginners

This magazine is perfect for people who like taking pictures and also want to improve vocabulary. Photography for Beginners is an eye candy. Of course, there are photography tips and tricks, but you can also gain vocabulary related knowledge. The content is written in such an engaging manner that you feel the writers are talking to you. So, you not only enhance your clicking skills but also learn English vocabulary.

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All the above-mentioned magazines are just the beginning of what all is available out there in the world. So, if you know of other such reading material or want to recommend any personal choices, let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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