Do you think public speaking can improve your english?

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Do you think public speaking can improve your english?
  • Public speaking can be efficacious for improving English. It is a way where one can speak out boldly to a mass and not only improve oneself but others too. It helps in our communication skills and also in improving our language.

  • Language is fundamental to our growth in the light of knowledge. Improving one’s language can be enhancing and a matter of growth for others too. English can be made fluent only by speaking and the more one practices, the more one becomes motivated. Public Speaking happens to be the best way in improving English as it makes us speak to a group, where the people are watching us. We become aware that people are listening to us and we try to make fewer mistakes. Through this, we learn new things.

  • While preparing for public speaking we learn new vocabulary. We enhance our approach to one sentence. That is we learn many ways of saying one particular sentence and that make us learn a lot. The more we go on stage, the more our fear diminishes and we speak in a perfect manner. While we prepare for a topic in public speaking, we take careful notes so that we make no mistakes and through this, we are enhanced.

  • Thus, Public speaking is helpful in improving our English.

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