The etiquette of talking on phone

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The etiquette of talking on phone

With the use of phone becoming common, it is very important that one should learn the proper etiquette of talking on the phone.

Below we list some of the tips which are likely to help you.

1. Do not talk too loudly

When speaking with someone on phone, do remember that you need not talk too loudly. It will amount to shouting and will make the other person feel uncomfortable.

2. Speak clearly

Your thoughts should be clear when you engage in a discussion with someone on phone. If you are not clear on what you wish to convey, it can create unnecessary confusion in mind of the other person.

3. Do not use phone while having food

Prefer not to use the phone when you are having food. If there is some emergency, you can send a polite message and get back later.

4. No multi-tasking

You might be a good multi-tasker but it is not good to practice this habit while talking with someone else. The idea or though which you wish to convey will not get through clearly and you can end up in some sort of commotion, rather than conveying the complete and appropriate message.

Follow the above-listed steps and you will be on the way to becoming a good orator.

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