When there was no Facebook how people use to connect?

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Think if there was no Facebook or other social platform like this then how people use to connect with each other?

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Thank you for posting your query with us. Connecting to people is one of the most essential things that we tend to do as a part of our daily routine and the most essential thing that keeps us going in our life. It is so important for us to be connected to all those people who are important for us and to make sure that we are able to keep track of our professional acquaintances and the family members who live far away. It is impossible for us to live without figuring out what all those people, especially the ones who are important to us are doing in their day to day lives and this urge becomes even more when they are not living in our close vicinity.

This surely is really easy for us to do in today’s day and age because we are just so very blessed to have social networking. We have Facebook that made it possible for us to not only easily get in touch with people who lived really far away but also get to know exactly what they are doing and what their life looks like and all the details that we wish to get. Facebook chatting can prove to be really convenient and all the regular updates are the icing on the cake.

But, what about all those people who did not have Facebook and how did they manage to connect with their loved ones. We are so engrossed in the convenience of the now and find it absolutely impossible to imagine life without Facebook that we have literally forgotten the times when people lived without any social media assistance for their regular communication and managed to do well without it. What is important to understand is the fact that it is easy to do without something if you have never used it and if you have no idea of that kind of convenience. In case you have used it once and are so used to the kind of ease it brings to your life it becomes impossible to make sure that you are going to be able to do without it without feeling the inconvenience.

There were people who used phone calls to make sure they were in touch with their loved ones and land line calling can prove to be very inconvenient because of the timing issues and many people did not realty have their own set of telephones they shared one with their neighbors. Then there were the letters in the olden times and the telegraphs that they sent to make sure that they kept in regular touch with those who are not living with and around them. Then there were the emails that came up and people started keeping touch through emails and that was really convenient but did not really have the impact that Facebook can have on us. People also made sure that they used the new features that came up with the use of mobile phones. But, all of these were in its initial stages and were not available to most people and were not as efficient and cost-effective as they are today.

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When there was no face book people used to connect via text messages or called the person who they wanted to from time to time. Another way in which they used to connect was to meet face to face and go to the person’s home if he/she lived nearby. They did not have to go through a lot of hassle on face book or go through what the person likes or dislikes forming their opinion of him. For interaction with work colleagues or long distance communication they used emails and asked for the email address of the person they shared work space with. For people who were in one’s life before they went away and settled somewhere else telegrams were an option to communicate after hiring the services of post office or some other courier delivery method. Once I went to a small town in India which was full of priests and other pilgrims who did not use technology all that much and in the morning blew their conches or as some call it horns by the river to call each other out. These are some of the ways people connected when Facebook was not invented.

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