How to download Facebook Messages without Messenger?

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How to download Facebook Messages without Messenger?

You must have noticed how world famous social media website Facebook impels us to download their messenger to converse with friends. It might be good for some people but is annoying to others. Also, If you try having access to your messages section through the browser, it won’t let you stay there and hence automatically redirect to App store if you are an iPhone fan or Play store if you are using android where you will have to download the messenger. So, how to use access Facebook messages without messenger? Want to find out? Let’s find out a solution together!

We all don’t wish to download the messenger due to our various reasons. Some valid reasons are the messenger takes up too much space on the phone. We already have so many chat messengers on our phones so why invite one more? The burden can be eased if Facebook stops forcing us to use their messenger. But until the time it acts stubborn, we need to find an alternative. Let’s figure out.Right? We all need it.

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Let’s see how we can have access to Facebook messages on our mobile devices or tablet without the usage of Facebook application:

#1. Install the Chrome browser on your device be it a tablet or mobile phone. It will be on your mobile already if you own an Android phone.

#2. Open up your browser Chrome and type in the URL of the Facebook website. But don’t Login at that time.

#3. Tap on the ‘Context Menu’ in the chrome browser and check the box placed next to ‘Request Desktop site.'

#4. Once you reload the website page, then you should be able to have a view of the social media website, namely Facebook.

#5. Just log in to Facebook.

#6.   Click on the messages link on the left which is placed under your profile picture to have a view of your messages and respond to them with ease.

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(Image Courtesy: Geeks Gyan) 

We won’t say you get the best of experience as a user, but the best thing is that you get access to your messages without having to bow to the privacy agreement of the social website Facebook. What say? Except for the fact you had given in all the privacy expectations when you had clicked on ‘Agreed’ to the terms of Facebook on your task of creating an account on this website. Now you must be wondering, ‘Oh yes! I didn’t bother about that small detail at that time’.

We hope this helps you. We also wish that now you will be able to gain access to your messages without worrying much. You won’t have to download the stingy messenger to view your messages.

Hope you liked our article. In case, you found any difficulties while reading the article, do kindly let us know by commenting in the box below.
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