Sex In Space? But What About The Babies!

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Sex In Space? But What About The Babies!

With an increase in the amount of expeditions to space, there will come a time when people will begin to colonize the outer space. In such times, have you ever thought of what will happen when humans begin to have sex in space?

While sex in outer space sounds interesting, it may not be a good option for reproduction. Kris Lehnhardt, an assistant Professor in the department of emergency medicine at GW’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences raised his concern about copulation in space, now that human space flight is becoming a figment of reality. During a recent Atlantic Live Panel in Washington D.C, he spoke at length about human space flight and its effect on biology and nutrition of the people.

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Since the possibility to reside in space was never an option, scientists did not pay heed to the issue of reproduction. However, with the advent of the human space shuttle and to enable humans to become space-faring species, one must give a thought to the biological effects of giving birth on an alien planet. 

To counter the Professor’s concern, researchers in Japan shared the results of a test conducted to comprehend the biological effects in outer space. They implanted frozen mouse sperm into a mouse stationed at the International Space Station and recorded the observations in her growth. According to their report, the mouse gave birth to healthy litters, suggesting that reproduction in space should not be a reason to worry.

Well, does this solve the problem or kinky astronauts will have to hold on to their carnal desires until they return to Earth? That’s a matter still in debate.

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