The success story of ISRO

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The success story of ISRO

ISRO- Indian Space Research Organization is one of the leading space organization in the world. This is not just a statement the success story of ISRO revealed the prove for it. Till date ISRO has successfully launched 87 spacecraft missions including 2 Nanosatellites, 60 numbers launch missions including scramjet-TD & RLV-TD, 8 numbers of student satellites for digital education and more important 180 numbers of foreign satellites from 23 countries.

The launch vehicle PSLV series is the most successful own made launch vehicle of ISRO. The PSLV -C 37 has made a record of launching 104 satellite at a time in one launching of the single rocket. No, any other space organization can able to launch such numbers of the satellite at one time.

ISRO also succeed in Mars Mission in its first attempt. ISRO’s March mission also created history being the lowest cost mars mission. ISRO completed the whole mission in just &74 million while NASA spent $671 million for the same purpose.

The Moon Mission has also revealed the success story of ISRO. The Chandrayan-I was a successful mission with the PSLV launching vehicle. Now ISRO has made a plan for Chandrayan-2 someday in 2018 with its advanced launching vehicle GSLV MK-II.

Let’s hope the Chandrayan-2 will add to another page of the success story of ISRO.

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