Can one be killed by a gun in space?

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Can one be killed by a gun in space?

In so many action movies we used to see some sort of adrenaline-pumping fighting sequences with a gun. As gun has the popularity and power most of the Hollywood movies can't ignore the demonstration of bullet movement fired from a gun. But we never have seen any movies where a cop is fighting with real guns in the space instead of laser pistols. Because there is some basic funda behind it. As curious minds, we also wondered about the fact that what will happen if somebody shoots at you by a gun in the space? 

Shooting sound is a factor in space
We all know the fact that when someone fires a gunshot on Earth, we hear the sound boom from the bullet when it leaves the muzzle of the gun or pistol. But as space is a vacuum place and as we know that sound waves can't travel through vacuum we won't get any blast sound of the gunshot.

Newton's 3rd law also biggest factor
Newton's 3rd law which describes that for every action there has some equal and opposite reaction would come into the picture when someone fires a gun in the space. The explanation is simple when we fire, the recoil motion of the gun always force us to move in the backward direction which is opposite of the bullet movement. Even we feel a huge force in the backward direction but due to the Earth gravity, our feet stay on the ground. Unfortunately, there is no gravitational force in space and as a result of this, we would begin to fly in the opposite way of the bullet’s motion and keep moving continuously until we hit something.

Distance traveled by the bullet
The bullet speed wouldn't be a concern in space but the traveling distance would differ from the Earth. Due to the absence of gravitational force, the bullet would go on and on until it hits something. 

So, it is very hard to draw a conclusion that in space someone can be killed by a gunshot. 

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