A strong India-China partnership is vital for the world

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A strong India-China partnership is vital for the world

Maintaining openness in trade is very important, particularly in Asia. International Monetary fund has echoed these sentiments particularly in the light of the assumption that strong partnership between India and China is very important.

Tao Zhang, the Deputy Managing Director of IMF told PTI that India and China are responsible for half of global growth. It is not as if India and China have not realized their importance in this changing scenario. Both the nations have realized that under the G-20 framework they have more contribution in this developing scenario and have strengthened their role in making trade more comprehensive.

Both India and China need to look beyond the inward looking policies as globalization has led to the creation of an interlinked world and if both India and China understand their positions in this changing scenario, their contribution and role will become better.

However, there are many challenges also in achieving these objectives. Both India and China have to work on reducing the financial vulnerabilities to strengthen their contribution. This can be achieved by strengthening banking and corporate system. The gains which both nations have got from this economic liberalization will only strengthen their economies and will lead to the development of its human resource in the long run.

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Both India and China differ in their Geopolitical Opinion but in regards to eradication of pollution they can join hands and work together.

China is ready to share advanced technology, experiences, as well as 'green' practices with India to counter the effects of environmental degradation, such as air pollution, caused by the economic development of cities, a top Shanghai foreign affairs official has said.

"It is a fact that environmental pollution is a challenge for cities around the globe and we are all attaching great importance to how we treat the environment. That is why a major consensus has been reached globally to save the environment," said Fu Jihong, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, while referring to efforts being made worldwide for environmental conservation.

"With such a consensus as an important foundation, there will be increasingly closer collaboration in the world when it comes to conservation of the environment," he said at an occasion to mark the 15th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) here.

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