China hopes 'Oppo flag row' will be resolved Properly

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China hopes 'Oppo flag row' will be resolved Properly

China has hoped that Indian government will amicably resolve the issue where a Chinese official associated with smartphone maker Oppo insulted the Indian flag. China has hoped that India will resolve this issue and thus safeguard rights which the phone maker company has.

The foreign ministry spokesperson from China Lu Kang told a media briefing that the concerned reports have been noted and the officials from Oppo are in touch with the local police authorities in this case. This incident occurred in Noida in Uttar Pradesh and staff and people in the region have risen in protest against the phone company.

The foreign ministry spokesperson said that Chinese Government has always advised its people and company representatives that they should abide by laws of the country in which they are working. If any misappropriation has been done in this case, the same will be inquired suitably.

The workers at the Oppo unit in Noida protested when a Chinese official working in the unit threw the Indian flag. The situation became so tense that district officials and labor commissioner had to intervene in this matter. The Chinese foreign ministry official expressed the hope that while investigating the case, the rights of Chinese workers will also be considered.

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