How to distinguish plastic rice from real rice?

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How to distinguish plastic rice from real rice?

Rice is made with plastic now a day's. Fake rice is made from potato and plastic extracts. This rice is made in China. China is the largest manufacturer of rice. Such a product should never be consumed. Rice made from plastic is introduced with vitamins and minerals. It is difficult to find out plastic and real rice. It may cause many health diseases. With some easy tests we can come to know which is plastic rice and which one is the real rice.

Here is how to test and distinguish plastic rice from real rice -

# Water test.
Pour a little uncooked rice into ice cold water. If the rice goes into the bottom it is real rice. If the rice starts floating, it is plastic rice.

# Oil test.
Drop some rice into hot oil. Plastic rice will be in the bottom. Real rice will come up.

# Fire test.
If the rice starts smelling like a plastic getting burnt, you will come to know that it is plastic.

# Mortar test.
When we crush a few grains of rice, it becomes powder. But artificial rice becomes yellow.

# Mold test.
Put a small amount of cooked rice in an airtight container. If mold develops, in that it is fake rice.

These tips will help you distinguish plastic rice from real rice. Now you can enjoy eating rice. Happy rice eating !

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Thank you, for sharing such an useful information..

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