China asks new PLA units to be ready for combat

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China asks new PLA units to be ready for combat

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President has asked the newly formed 84 units of PLA to prepare themselves for a combat. He said that the priority of these troopers should be to build a new type of capabilities including that in fighting information, electronic and space warfare.

He also emphasized the fact that the soldiers should be ready for improving their joint operation capabilities and the level of technology which has been in use. The State-run China Daily reported that the President also asked the troopers to conduct more military exercises and develop their fighting capabilities.

This move is being seen as a part of a strategy where China wants its troops to be ready for any possible new conflict as US deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptor missiles is in progress in South Korea.

China sees this as a threat to the South China Sea region. Moreover, China wishes to flex its muscles in the region as it has territorial disputes with India, Japan and many other countries in the region. It is not known if these troops have been shortlisted from its existing force or have been recruited newly but China is certainly expanding its reach in the region. China has always been in conflict with its neighbors, particularly India.

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