5 Unknown Wonders From Around The World That Need To Be On Your Travel Bucket List

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5 Unknown Wonders From Around The World That Need To Be On Your Travel Bucket List

We have all read about the 7 Wonders of the World. The beauty of those monuments and the story behind them has always fascinated us. Some of us were lucky enough to visit these places and have a closer look at such marvels. But do you think those are the only wonders on Earth? 

This vast and beautiful planet has been home to many civilizations and cultures that each had their own beautiful history and a story to tell that got enshrouded in the decades that followed. What remains of those long forgotten people have turned into ruins but what is left tells tales of times that it saw.

Here are five lesser-known Wonders from around the World that will leave you fascinated:

#1. Petra Monastery, Jordan

This monastery is an impressive monument that very few know of. It is thought to be another Nabatean temple that looks like they were carved from giant rocks and stands large at 50m high and 45m wide. Its imposing structure is not just magnificent but also leaves one wondering as to how they were constructed in the first place. It is an hour-long climb to reach this place that was once surrounded by an impressive colonnade and has an interior that consists of a single room with a double staircase that leads up to a mihrab. 

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#2. Pyramid Of the Sun, Mexico

You generally associate pyramids with Egypt but the truth is that pyramids were a common structure found in all ancient civilizations. The true purpose of these pyramids has always remained under scrutiny and debatable but they were obviously of great importance to the locals. The ancient Aztecs were a Meso-American civilization who built these daunting structures 3,000 years ago. The Pyramid Of The Sun measures 223.5m and its peak reaches 71.2 meters tall. 

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#3. Heaven’s Gate, China

You can climb the stairways to heaven in China, quite literally! The magnificent structure that would leave you gaping in amazement is located about 8 km south of the city of Zhangjiajie in northern Hunan Province of China. It is a naturally formed arch whose entire opening formed in one disastrous event when the entire cage collapsed. Nevertheless, what remains is a beauty to behold.

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#4. Abu Simbel, Egypt

Perhaps once giants walked this Earth; that can be the only logical reason as to how places like Abu Simbel temples were created. Temple structures cut out of solid rocks with humongous statues look like an extraordinary feat to pull even with the latest technology available. Egyptian king Ramses II though managed to pull off this feat and he did purely to intimidate his enemies and make a place for himself among gods. Whatever be his intentions, the entire structure of temple complex would leave one amazed, the front façade has four giant, seated figures of Ramses, it is 119 feet wide, and 100 feet high, and the statues are 67 feet in height.

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#5. Pura Lempuyang, Bali

Bali is called the Land of a Thousand Puras and this mother temple of Bali has great spiritual significance for the adherent worshippers that flock here to pay their regards to their deity. This Hindu temple has a breathtaking view and once you ascend the stairs you would find yourself in lush greenery with a view of the temple reaching towards the sky. The famous gates here would make one feel that they are crossing over to another beautiful realm.

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So, are you ready to edit your travel list and add these new wonders from around the World on it? Do let us know which of these five Wonders will be featuring on the top of your bucket list in the comments below!

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