The political relation between Hong Kong and china

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The political relation between Hong Kong and china

Hong Kong, a former British colony until 1997, is a special administrative region of China on basis of economic and political freedoms.

However, a large section of its population is unhappy with the gags and restrictions imposed by the communist government of China and have been raising their voice demanding more democratic rights.

Usually, democratic activists hold rallies to mark the anniversaries of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown and 1997 handover to the Mainland China, but in 2014 democratic protests created new records under the “Umbrella Movement.”

Political analysts from across the globe have disparaged the Chinese government for taking stern action against on the democratic activists as Beijing feels that such demonstrations would enhance the popularity of pro-democracy organizations and groups and pose serious threats to its authority not only in Hong Kong but in other regions such as Tibet, Taiwan, and Macao.

The Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984 and the Basic Law of Hong Kong safeguards the capitalist system and lifestyle of the people of Hong Kong and granting it substantial autonomy including executive, legislative and judicial powers until 2047.

Unlike the mainland provinces and municipalities, Chinese officials do not preside over Hong Kong, but nonetheless, exerts significant influence through top officials such as the chief executive with unquestionable loyalty towards Beijing.

Moreover, mainland China is also authorized to interpret the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong enjoys the freedom of the press, right to speech and expression, peacefully assemble and religious freedom. It is also empowered to forge ties with overseas nations in the areas of communication, culture, tourism and trade.

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