Concerns Rise For India As China & Pakistan Hold Naval Drills In Arabian Sea

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Concerns Rise For India As China & Pakistan Hold Naval Drills In Arabian Sea

In recent developments, it is being reported that India’s neighbors China and Pakistan have held naval drills in the Arabian Sea, with the Chinese military stating that the two countries are deepening interoperability between their navies in the Indian Ocean.

A Chinese naval fleet arrived in Pakistan’s Karachi on Saturday and it comprised of some super heavy ballistics like the guided-missile destroyer Changchun. The feet will remain in Karachi for a minimum of 4 days. The naval fleet from China is also planning to hold military drills with Pakistan in the northern portion of the Indian Ocean.

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

This doesn’t seem to have gone down well with India as Chinese ships and submarines have been frequenting Pakistan increasingly. Although Chinese officials insist that the purpose of the numerous passages of their ships and submarines through the Arabian Sea is to boost capacity for escort missions aimed at anti-piracy in the Gulf of Aden, experts have questioned this rationale considering that submarines have a little operational use for anti-piracy operations.

With the frequency and the political relations between China and Pakistan increasing, the alarm in New Delhi must surely be heightened. India has always criticized China’s constant movement along the Arabian Sea as it sees it as a potential threat to India’s national security. After India urged Sri Lanka to deny ports to Chinese submarines two years ago; Karachi, for now, has become a crucial lynchpin for Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean. With the political disturbance that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has already created in New Delhi, this joint drill is sure to displease the Indian government. And, it sounds justifiable because, in an extreme scenario, Pakistan can act as an establishment for the Chinese Military.

(Featured Image Courtesy: IBTimes India)

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