Difference between marketspace and marketplace

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Difference between marketspace and marketplace

With the advent of technology, the marketspace has carved its niche in the field of online marketing.  On the other hand, if we go back to the good old days of the traditional form of marketing, we may reflect upon the concept of the marketplace which can be considered to be the actual or physical place where buyers and sellers meet and exchange goods or services for a price. This may take the form of retail marts, supermarkets or departmental stores or even the local bazaar that we might have visited during our childhood days with our parents or grandparents and which some of us still continue to visit as a part of our routine life preferences.  

For those of you busy professionals who wish to have a more relaxing experience , the marketspace is here for you offering you the convenience of accessing a wide array of goods and services from the convenience of your homes with just one click of the mouse! Yes, we can now obtain and fulfill our needs and wants without having to visit the marketplace via the market space.

Example, the online shopping that we can enjoy through e-commerce portals such as amazon.com or Snapdeal , Jabong, eBay and many more such interesting online marketing media, are all a part of this market space. So avoid crowded market places, adverse weather conditions such as heat and dust or heavy rains during the monsoons and just sip your cup of coffee while listening to your favorite music and having fun utilizing the marketspace  via your PC, tablet or smartphone! 

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