How to do a large amount of work in a small amount of time

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The secret behind success is the ability to do a significant amount of time within a limited amount of time. The challenge that most people have is that they tend to compromise the quality of results when trying to get things done fast. Such an approach can have adverse effects on your life especially if you are dealing with serious matters like homework. There are some things in life that you cannot compromise on the quality of work. Professionals who offer freelance editing jobs use these tricks to deliver exemplary results.

However, what do you do when you have a limited time to work yet you still want to deliver the best results? Here are some ways of doubling your speed while still maintaining high-quality standards in your work. Most students who study in the United Kingdom use these tips to achieve the desired goals.

Use a Timer On All Major Tasks

Any business expert will tell you that one of the most critical concepts in the industry is the Parkinson’s law. This law states that the workload will always expand to fill the time that you allocate to it. When you leave the amount of time that you are devoting to a task open-ended, you may end up taking a lot of time to finish the assignment. On the contrary, if you set aside a specific amount of time to handle each task, you will end up working faster. You will deliver fast results as you aspire to beat the clock.

You will also experience a better flow of ideas when you decide to challenge yourself. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, an esteemed human performance expert, and professor states that a good flow of ideas has a strong correlation with the feelings of well-being. Therefore, you will not only be more effective in your work but also happy. It's a good practice to divide the job you want to undertake into various categories and allocate a specific time limit for each.

Act As If Your Day Ends at Midday

As you wake up in the morning, pretend as if your day cannot go beyond 12:00 p.m. Plan as if you should go home by that time yet you have a long list of activities to undertake. Remember the goals you want to achieve are worthwhile and you should not exceed the set time limits. Create a small to ‘do list’ and then start with the most critical and most laborious task when you still have a fresh mind in the morning. The 12:00 p.m. technique works so well because it forces you to take quick action on matters that count. You will also be left with some time to review the quality of your work and make the necessary corrections.

An average person should have done very little work by midday. All you could have accomplished by 12:00 p.m. is planning your say, grabbing a cup of tea, chatting with your colleagues, and checking your emails. After that, you will find them complaining that they did not have enough time to complete the desired tasks. Start early enough, and you will be astonished by what you will be able to achieve by noon.

Work at Home For an Hour Every Day

Don’t wait until you arrive at the office or school before you can begin handling your daily chores. Some environments are not just suitable for handling some crucial tasks. There are several interruptions, an ever-growing number of emails, and the agitating noise from your workmates or classmates. You will need a high level of concentration if you want to achieve a lot in such an environment. You can counteract this problem by allocating at least one hour every morning to work quietly from home. Use this opportunity to accomplish as many tasks as possible working at home peacefully. Focus more on assignments that require a lot of thinking and time. Therefore, you will be heading to school or office when you have already done a lot. You will discover that you will complete your tasks within a short period.

Do the Unimportant Things Within the Shortest Period

You can never achieve the desired results within a limited time frame if you are going to allocate an equal amount of time to both low value and highly essential tasks. The challenge for most people is that they make this mistake. You find them giving trivial tasks more time each day and remain with a minimal amount for the most crucial jobs.

You need to handle the trivial tasks at high speed. However, make sure that you do them well enough to achieve good results. Remember you have a long list of things to do and the work day is short. You can do some of the less important tasks in less than 10 minutes. The use of this technique alone may give you up to 90 minutes a day.


These techniques will help you to deliver more than you are doing now. You may end up doubling your normal productivity. Scholarship essay writing service uses these tricks to achieve a super high level of effectiveness. No wonder you wind them working on urgent orders within a short period. You can use these secrets to do a large amount of work in a limited time without compromising on the quality.

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