How to be Nice to People?

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How to be Nice to People?

Being nice to people makes them feel good and paves the way for deeper and healthier relationships. It is also a way to get what you want as people are inclined to do you a favor when you are nice to them. And lastly, it will make you feel better when everyone wants to talk to you and be your friend.

However, being nice to people around you is easier said than done. You can’t always treat everyone around you well, especially when you are in a bad mood or stuck with somebody who irritates you. But even then, you can come off as a nice person if you just keep a few basic principles in mind. Wondering what these secrets are? Keep reading.

How To Be Nice to People?

#1. Greet Everyone With A Smile

Merely by smiling a little more than you already do can help you come across as a nicer person, whether you are smiling at strangers or people who you already know. Smiling at strangers helps you establish your rapport as someone who can be approached at will. It is essentially an icebreaker when you are meeting someone for the first time. After a stranger has smiled back at you, a symbol of invitation, all you need is approach them. Smiling can also make you feel a little happier even when you are having a rough day.

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#2. Introduce Yourself To New People

When you are in a situation where everyone else seems to be familiar with each other, and you don’t, take time and make an effort to introduce yourself to others. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you or find someone who is not talking to anybody else. Just smile, introduce yourself and get the ball rolling from there. Nice people do not hesitate from approaching strangers as they are always excited to meet new people and make friends.

#3. Compliment Sincerely

Everyone likes compliments and also the person praising them. So, if there is some quality of a person that you admire and appreciate, do not be afraid to say it to them. However, you need to be careful to not give an impression that you are trying to flatter them. This can backfire especially in the case when the individual you are complimenting is someone superior to you in a social or professional setting. Try to keep it a simple compliment like appreciate the dress they are wearing on the day or any new accessory that they have tried on for the first time. 

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#4. Practice Politeness

The simplest way to be nice to people is to be polite no matter what the situation is. Treat people, even strangers, like they are a part of your family. Hold the door for them if you are going to a restaurant, or strike a conversation with a person sitting alone in a coffee shop; you may be the only person they have talked to in the entire day. Remember that your one act of politeness can brighten the day for someone. It can demand a little effort to be polite in the beginning, but soon it will become your attitude of life.

#5. Offer Help To People In Need

Whether it is someone who has his hands full and cannot open the door for themselves or an elderly person who is having a hard time crossing the road, never think twice before helping someone who needs it. There may come a time in your life when you are dependent on the help of others. So do not miss out on a chance to add good karma whenever you get it. In case you are having a bad day, simply helping others can put you in a good mood.

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#6. Avoid Judging People

You cannot be nice to people and judge them at the same time. And you can’t judge someone before you even know them. An easy way to be nice is giving people the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they are nice people unless of course, they give you a reason to believe otherwise. Making mistakes in life is the essence of being human, so do not build an image for someone based on just one act. Maybe you caught them in their moment of weakness and they were a good person otherwise.

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#7. Be A Good Listener

Most of us have the habit of speaking. Even in a dialogue, we do not listen to someone, but we wait for our chance to speak. So, you can be nice to people just by lending them your ear when they wish to share something with someone. Being a good listener is not only a sign of maturity and showing respect to a person, but also helps build relationships and boost your career. When a person is sharing something important with you, put your phone down and pay attention to what they are saying.

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#8. Share

They say that sharing is caring and only nice people care about others. Be it giving half your meal to a friend who hasn’t brought lunch to work today or lending your clothes to your sibling, simple acts of sharing suffice to make you come off as a nice person. However, this in no way means that you can allow people to take advantage of you. Also, sharing is not just about letting someone borrow things that you do not need, but also letting other people use things that you love or care about. For instance, your cousin might wish to borrow your favorite gown for a party. And you shouldn’t refrain from helping her out this time.

#9. Look At Things From Other's Perspective

Almost all of us have become so full of ourselves that we do not even think to look at things from someone else’s perspective. So it may be difficult for you to be nice to someone or have nice things to say to people when you know that they have done something wrong. But it might be possible that you are just looking at half of the picture. Perhaps you do not have the information that they have or are looking at things from a different angle. For instance, you may think that someone is rude considering their behavior but that person may have been subjected to ill-treatment in the past.

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#10. Be Humble

Nice people are humble to others in victory and defeat. You may as well be better at some things than others, but that does not give you the right to look down on them. When you gloat about your achievements and how much you have gained in life, you make others feel less valuable. So if you want to be nice to people, then understand the thin line between being proud of yourself for doing something great and being arrogant and egoistic. You cannot tell what struggles someone has been through just by looking at them. Perhaps the position they are in is still a huge achievement for them considering the obstacles they have faced in their life.

#11. Respect All

Always remember the golden rule of being nice to people; say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to people when you need a favor from them or when they do you a favor. It may be a job for someone to do something but a simple ‘thank you’ is not going to take away anything away from you. At the very least, it is a way of showing that you admire and appreciate the hard work they are putting into their work.

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At the end, we would suggest you to treat people the way you wish to be treated by them. After all, you reap what you sow and you do not want bad karma to come looking for you later. So, be nice to people even when it is difficult. Tell us how you be nice to people through your comments. We would love to know your thoughts and opinions. 

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