What to do When you Feel Under-appreciated at Work?

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What to do When you Feel Under-appreciated at Work?

Are you feeling under-appreciated at work? Do you think that even after working so hard, your lousy boss is just not ready to appreciate you the way you deserve?

Even if we are working on our dream jobs, we are sure to encounter setbacks and frustrations. The problem arises when setbacks and frustrations overshadow the enjoyable times. If you are feeling under-appreciated at work, we would love to help you.

How To Deal With Feeling Under-appreciated At Work?

#1. Let The Emotions Stay Outside

If you’re feeling under-appreciated at work, you’ll surely be emotional about it. Feelings of frustration, depression, anger, and exhaustion are natural to happen. But being a professional, you’ll have to maintain your composure in your workplace without losing your respect. If you feel that you might burst into tears or transgress your limits, take a walk outside to get your mind off the situation and cool down. It really helps.

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#2. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Stress

Stress has a sneaky way of creeping up and consuming every part of your body and mind. You compromise on your health because of stress that doesn’t let you sleep enough, you develop high blood pressure, stop eating healthy foods, and give up exercising altogether. Make sure you take time for yourself and your loved ones each week to unwind so your life away from work won’t suffer.

#3. Speak For Yourself

If you feel under-appreciated at work, wait and introspect your actions. Did you let your boss know about the work that you have been handling? No? Then, how do you expect him to know how hardworking you are and appreciate you? Under-appreciation at work can be because of lack of communication on your end as well. Make sure your boss knows what you’re working on.

#4. Keep Talking

When was the last time you had a private conversation with your boss? Six months? More than that? We can understand because you are not alone. Many people hesitate or do not feel the need to have a face-to-face discussion with their manager or boss. If something is bothering you and you’re feeling under-appreciated at work, you need to vocalize your concerns. Now that we have asked you to keep talking doesn’t mean that you’ll start complaining and gossiping in the halls. All we mean is that you should have a word with your boss once in a while and address issues like feeling under-appreciated at work.

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#5. Relevant Questions Only! 

 It is easy for you to start an endless rant about how tired you are, how other people are screwing up, how you broke your nail while writing the minutes, how your wife is unhappy with your overworking and many more such irrelevant topics. Avoid indulging in such conversation and instead focus on what’s important. If you feel under-appreciated at work, then talk about it, and just that. Choose wisely before bringing it up with your manager because he or she doesn’t want to see you behave in an immature manner. Raise only real relevant issues that you believe are directly contributing to your unhappiness and feeling under-appreciated at work.

#6. Focus On Developing Your Career

Can the feeling of being under-appreciated at work be because your skills have gotten rusty or your performance isn’t up to the mark? If that is so, then you should start focusing on your career development and make an effort to work on improving your weaknesses, learn new skills, and increase your productivity.

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#7. Ask For Less Work

Easier said than done, but it is important that you bring it up if you are unable to manage all the responsibilities at once. If your manager has no idea that you are feeling overwhelmed with your current workload, you obviously can’t expect them to read your mind and reallocate resources or hire more people.If you are not receiving the appreciation that you deserve, then better not take up tasks that are not appreciated because it’s always worth asking if you’re getting burnt out.

#8. Hike Or A Promotion?

One of the most common reasons for employees to feel under-appreciated at work is because they feel underpaid, unrecognized and ultimately stuck at their jobs. One should always ask for a hike or a promotion if they are worth it. An approval to promotion or hike will clearly mean that your efforts have been appreciated else you know what to do.

#9. Switch Departments Maybe?

If you’ve already met and talked with your manager several times and things aren’t getting any better, it’s time to consider other options. You can always think about switching positions to a different department, moving to another office location, or landing a completely new job.

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#10. How To Make Yourself Feel Appreciated?

This may sound silly, but it’s actually important to ask yourself the reasons that you make you feel under-appreciated at work. Maybe there are various reasons that make you feel so like unfriendly atmosphere, inaccessibility to resources, underpaid, no acknowledgment or lack of leaves. Once you are able to identify your reasons for feeling underappreciated, you will be able to address them and even talk to your manager about it.

#11. Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance can be really hard when you are working too hard. If your personal life is suffering because of your professional life, you’ll have to find some ways to get more meaning and happiness in your personal time.

Involvement in activities like volunteering, helping a charity, spending time with your partner or family, socializing with your friends, visiting your family, and getting your personal finances can help you regain a balance between your personal and professional life.

#12. Be A Good Co-worker

It may be because of feeling underappreciated that you have turned into a lousy coworker. The one, who is always irritated, disinterested and easily offended. Just think about the last time you helped a co-worker in meeting deadlines, or guiding them, thanking them for helping you or just simply greeting them in the mornings? Do not turn into a pushover because you are unhappy or unsatisfied. Being unfriendly and cocky can too be a reason for you being under-appreciated at work.

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#13. Take A Long Vacation

Working for too long can be stressful, and therefore it is important for you to take breaks. You may be feeling under-appreciated because you are simply stressed and overworked. Just take a few days off and enjoy a good vacation. If you are low on cash, then staycation isn’t a bad idea. Make them fun and relaxing. A little time off will help you in retrospection and make you realize the reasons for being under-appreciated. Just avoid abusing the privileges else you’ll end up being received by an angry boss.

#14. Remember Your Goals

When we’re under pressure and working on multiple things at once, we are most likely to forget all the positive things about our job, the salary, the satisfaction, and the goals we can achieve through this job. Don’t lose sight of your goals just because you feel under-appreciated at work. Ask a mentor or your manager for advice and counseling. Thinking about the big picture will help you remember and work towards your goals. Re-centering can really help you.

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We hope our solutions for feeling under-appreciated at work help you in some manner or the other. If you’re unhappy, don’t keep everything all bottled up inside, take action instead.

Do you too feel under-appreciated at work? What did you do get over the feeling? Let us know in the comment section below.

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