How Working Women Maintain Work-Life Balance?

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How Working Women Maintain Work-Life Balance?

"Don't think about making women fit for the world. Think about making the world fit for every woman." ― Gloria Steinem

No matter what profession you choose and no matter what tasks you handle each day, your ultimate aim is to keep working your way up on climbing the ladder of success. And the success ladder should regard both your professional as well as personal progress.

This should be your only priority!

You should be the one jumping out of bed every morning and not dragging yourself to work. And, this should particularly hold importance for women who face troubles, especially after marriage. But, you need to manage all the constraints in the most appropriate manner. 

Even after the evolving speculations in the modern day world, the significant efforts along with sacrifices women make every time, go hand in hand. Women in the western societies choose to fulfill their dreams and work towards attaining excellence in every field. However, maintaining that balance is pretty difficult when you have the responsibilities of taking care of a family as well as your professional commitments. Having children makes it even more challenging. 

We do not suggest you to just earn recognition and respect by engrossing in the work environment totally. Neither do we advise you to neglect work-life engagements and merely concentrate on establishing your family life. You do not have to hamper either of the environments. But, after a certain time period, happiness in marriage and connected relationships start getting hostile. This eventually affects your productivity levels at work. It is a fact! Bonding in the family gets in the opposite direction, and the essence of attachment cannot be taken proper care of. If you have kids, their care also needs to be managed properly, else you can ruin their childhood. It is a constant burden that needs to be carried on a working and married woman's shoulders. And different aspects of your life require a different version of a personality.

But, when you are able to strike a perfect balance in your life at work and home, you feel motivated to achieve your goals in life. Excuses are just self-imposed roadblocks. Until and unless you are not going to restrict such hindrances, no one or nothing can really make your perspective shift. According to a survey conducted in the year 2013, 65 percent of married women care less about high salaries offered to them and prefer flexible working arrangements more. Therefore, here are some valuable tips to help you manage the stress of being a working woman who is also married and has a complex family life. You can follow these to eliminate the work-family conflict or the family-work conflict in the most efficient manner.

#1. Avoid Performing Multiple Roles At Work Or In Family

There are several roles and responsibilities that a married women needs to balance simultaneously at work and at home. But, you really need to understand that the complicated role-play is not always essential. Each of those roles have unique pressures on your mental as well as physical health. And, as long as your roles do not give rise to any motivational stimulation, you will always stay low on self-esteem and physical stamina.

Maintaining a harmonious balance can be difficult for you that way. And you may feel better when multitasking, but doesn't that gradually lower your peace and creativity to manage things. Your action plan deteriorates and so does your productivity.

#2. Look Out For Suitable Roles

By this, we mean looking out for those roles and responsibilities that do not disturb your equilibrium. Opt for something less stressful at work. If you feel it does not let you manage your family and their problems, change your way.


It can be your designation or your job that makes you devote less time to your kids or husband. So, make sure your professional commitments aren't creating any discomforts. The same way, your family life should not make you devote less time towards your professional goals. Talk to your family members and make a necessary conclusion. It should either be black or turn white, there are no midway grays.

#3. Learn To Prioritize

When you are bound to follow a schedule that is hectic, it is best to start prioritizing the different aspects of your life. Get ready with your game plan that is worthy of your efforts and take steps accordingly. So, if you have an important board meeting and an equally important family function to attend, both falling on the same day, you will have to somehow manage the two events.

Either finish your meeting as soon as soon as you can and head to the evening function. Or simply apologize for not being able to make at the celebration and compensate the same by visiting your relatives place on some other day. You can also try and postpone your meeting and prioritize the two things according to their significance so as to avoid the burden.

#4. Share Responsibilities With Others

A woman is accustomed to being a multi-tasker without even realizing that at times; it thwarts her overall well-being. However, you also have to make others realize that they are equally responsible for the tasks you do for them. You don't have to be taken for granted and you don't have to be used in the name of being a good wife, a great mother or the best colleague.

There are several tasks that you might be performing unknowingly, and those can absolutely be handled by other people. So, you as a working woman should just know how to maintain a perfect work-life balance by sharing those duties. In case of an excessive workload at home, share it with another family member. In case of an excessive workload at office, ask for someone's help to reduce the undue stress.

#5. Maintain Your Cool

You don't have to get irritated too easily, even if you are not able to find out any workable solutions. Rather than shouting unnecessarily, it is better to stay calm and think in a positive manner. Learn from your situations. It is possible that you aren't giving your 100% in solving the problem.

If you still are not able to sort your stuff, ask your partner or any other family member for help. You can also take suggestions from your friends. At work, talk to a colleague or if possible, to your managers, so they know something is bothering you. Don't let stress spill over and lower the chances of fulfilling your family and work roles. All you have to do is stay calm and move on.

#6. Hire A Maid

When you are staying calm rather than focusing on the negative side, you will realize that hiring a domestic help can also lower your family burden. It will effectively allow you to fulfill your professional intentions. When you have a maid at home, he/ she can babysit your child and also take care of the other household chores.

They will be the one sharing responsibilities with other family members and grant you more relaxation time. Even grandparents can take care of children in the family and do certain household tasks that are feasible for them. For every working woman, it is significant enough to consider each alternative that she can appropriately think of.

#7. Don't Feel Guilty For Your Choices

Priorities post marriage need to be set straight. However, it is the most difficult task a woman can do. It is said that women are designed to multi-task, though the situation has two sides. Leaving behind your dear kids just for the sake of earning money and satisfying your personal objectives is one thing. And leaving behind your career choices just for the sake of raising kids is another. 

But, let us tell you, this way you can never maintain a balance in your work life. You might have to compromise up to a certain level, but letting it gush the feelings of guilt is the worst you can do.

At the end, we would like to conclude that striking a perfect balance between your personal and professional life requires ample amount of smart work and efforts. And this is how you can make sure to get your everyday dosage of happiness as well as the sky-rocketing success! Liked what you just read? Want to read more such informational and interesting stuff? Or would you like to share your personal experiences/ opinions? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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A balance in work-life can only be maintained only if responsibilities are shared equally by family members and there is mutual understanding.

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