How To Deal With Annoying Co-Workers?

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How To Deal With Annoying Co-Workers?

No matter where you work, you are always bound to come across certain people that you almost instantly don’t like. You form an opinion at first sight and, that impression lasts for a lifetime.

However, because it is a professional setting, you have to deal with these people that you find annoying, and that makes up for one the greatest challenges of professional life.

But, don’t worry. There are some ways in which you can ensure that you still have a good rapport with people you don’t like, and that can ease down a few things between you people. Take a look at how to deal with annoying coworkers in office:

#1. Strictly Business

Of course, you don’t fancy having conversations with your annoying coworker. But, for certain office issues, you have to go up to them and talk. In such a case, try and restrict all your talks to just professional and never leave any personal comment. This way you can smooth a lot of things down.

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#2. Begin And End Positively

To ensure that your conversations don’t stretch, try beginning and ending your conversation on a positive note. Restrict the problem you have only to the middle of the conversation. This way, the end of your talks doesn’t open up new things to talk about.

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#3. Maintain Diplomacy

Never let out anything from your mouth that can later come and haunt you. Rehearse what you want to talk to an annoying co-worker once or twice before you approach them.

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#4. Don’t Fight

We often have the tendency to prove our superiority over these annoying coworkers. It includes playing the music louder or talking louder than them to get back at them. Make sure you are polite. Just let things go, else, you both will hate coming to work.

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#5. Be Discreet

Your annoying coworker is a human too, and they won’t fancy hearing what you said about them from somewhere. Make your talks direct and to the point. Once you’re done, neither think nor talk about them.

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#6. Anticipate

As an adult, you know how problems can arise. So, be cautious and arise. Even something as small as avoiding your annoying coworkers near the coffee machine can help you a lot.

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#7. No Personal Jabs

No matter how annoying you find someone, the fact is you have to team up to yield results for your company. Your coworkers are not your enemies. Treat them as your allies and talk of the solutions not directly to them but in a group meeting. This way, you can ensure that you don’t end up making any personal comment.

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#8. Understand

Just like, you can sometimes have certain issues in your work, so can your annoying coworker. Have a big heart and try to figure out if they are facing any problems related to work. If you help them, chances are you won’t find them annoying for long.

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#9. Be Humorous

Remember Chandler Bing? One thing you can learn from him is that humor is the best defense mechanism. A little humor between talks ensures that you don’t feel the strain of it. You can always use humor to lessen the apparent tension between you and your annoying coworker.

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#10. Compromise

It is something that we as employees have to do. It doesn’t change if you have to compromise for someone who you find annoying. It goes under the same lines as being understanding, and a little extra effort never hurts anyone.

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#11. Let Them Avoid Humiliation

Try and begin your conversations with them in such a way that they have to find ways to save face rather than going defensive. Just tell them if there are issues then all of you have to come together and find a solution. This way, you don’t have to be the one looking for answers.

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#12. Don’t Empower Them

The work you do is yours, and you truly deserve all the credit for it. After you have made sure that you’re done with your job, try and find ways to entertain yourself, like using headphones to distract yourself or consider shifting your place if you sit near them. Make the environment more tolerable, but don’t let them feel as if they’re superior to you in any way.

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#13. Talk To People Who Love You

We understand that dealing with annoying people every day can take a toll on your heart. What you can do is just vent all your frustrations out in front of a family member, your spouse or your friends. This way, your mind won’t be preoccupied with the disturbing thoughts of your annoying coworkers and find pleasure in other things of life.

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What do you think, is it easy to deal with an annoying co-worker? Share your opinions with us below.

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By being diplomatic

I know that boring and annoying people are the most difficult to deal with and I think I have figured out a way. It might be healthy to go with being diplomatic in the short term but, I realized that the people who annoy you the most are not going to stop at that if you do not show them their limits, they will keep on doing it.

But in the second case you will come out as the monster, but it will be beneficial for the long run.

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