How to Be an Efficient Manager?

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How to Be an Efficient Manager?

An efficient manager is great at dealing with employees and doesn’t make them feel that he or she is too controlling. Management is all about serving the needs of the people and employing people who can best serve them. To get work done is equally important as how a manager gets work. It is important for a manager to be both friendly and authoritative so that the subordinates can easily approach him or her and can work with a healthy state of mind.

Every organization has a vision and the role of the manager is to talk at length about the direction in which all the employees are working and how close they are to the target to keep them motivated. Also, a good manager will never fail to recognize and commend his or her subordinates and their efforts. An efficient manager should be aware of the importance of appreciation and that the zeal to work can reduce when the employees feel that they are not getting enough encouragement.

How To Be an Efficient Manager?

#1. Delegate Work

A lot of managers overwork themselves, micro-manage everything and make their employees feel that they don’t trust them. This can make employees turn against you faster than you think as they will feel that they are not needed in the organization and are easily replaceable. One can become an efficient manager only when one realizes that it is very crucial to exhibit trust among employees and delegate work accordingly. Employees will feel motivated when they realize that they are being assigned important duties and will strive to work harder. An efficient manager always inspires confidence and hope in his subordinates instead of fear and alienation that can easily come from the feeling that they are never given important duties and responsibilities. You need to assert your managerial qualities and learn how to delegate the work efficiently instead of handling it all by yourself and taking the entire credit.

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#2. Make A List Of The Daily Tasks

You need to make a list of the daily tasks so that your mind does not run in two hundred different places. An efficient manager needs to be very organized. Once you get organized, you will immunize yourself from the panic which can destroy the efficiency if it is left to build for long. A manager has a lot of tasks to be completed on a single day and it is likely that he or she may forget something that is crucial when he or she feels swamped and is getting answers and orders from left right and center. This is where you have the opportunity to become an 'efficient manager' by sorting things out and making a list of everything so that you do not forget anything. Separate the tasks into three columns namely important, very important and urgent and then do the urgent things first and then take up the other two. This will help you work round the clock without breaking a sweat and build a routine that will help you to become an efficient manager.

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#3. Deliver Criticism Softly

The people who you are responsible for will not always be at their best. At times, you might be pissed off when an employee does something that makes you look bad and question your training. If you lash out at them when they have committed an error or not performed a task like you expected them to, it will run the risk of sabotaging the good personal relationship you had with the person. However, when you give personal feedback to the person, it appeals on a more personal level and doesn’t lead to strains in the relationship. You can use your own example and tell them that in the beginning of your career even you made a few bad calls and did blunders but improved eventually by working hard. When they hear this they will understand that they need to plan things more carefully next time. An efficient manager is the one who eliminates complacency without eliminating confidence.

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#4. Share Plans

An efficient manager needs to be transparent and has to share the plans he or she has on hand to take the organization to a higher level. This will build trust among employees and create a sense of loyalty towards the corporation as they will feel a part of the organization and will get motivated. An efficient manager always involves employees, tell them what the company plans to do next. This also removes job insecurity and the absent of this worry improves their performance. Sharing plans is always a good thing. in order to become an efficient manager, one really needs to take this into consideration.

#5. Be Unbiased

An efficient manager only prefers the quality of work and doesn’t get too attached to anyone on the team as he or she realizes that forging an affectionate relationship with the employees will only backfire and take away the unadulterated target oriented feedback out of the equation. When you see the members of the team through the lens of performance and not how they make you feel, you send a strong message that you love your work more than anything else. an efficient manager is never biased towards anyone and always see things as they are without favoring anyone.

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#6. Engage

To become an efficient manager, one needs to engage with the employees on a regular basis. This one is one of the rare qualities which only a few managers have, and it is exhibited only by managers who know its importance. When a person on your team comes to you with a solution to something you asked them earlier for and you just nod till they return to their desk, it transmits a vibe that tells them that you are not enthusiastic about what they have done. This can force the ire of the employee who has worked so hard to beat the problem. Even if you are running low on time the least you can do is acknowledge their hard work and say thanks. What this will do is tell the employee that you do listen to them. This will create a special working relationship where the two of you will appreciate each other’s professional guile and gumption. 

#7. Be Approachable

It is so often the case when you are in your cabin in a closed door and are passing instructions to other employees. You just seem too inapproachable to the employees. There is no environment of a pat on the back or a round of applause in the office. The hierarchy is very clear and a manager appears like a dictator to everyone. When you let the employees you manage know that they can come to you anytime for anything as the door of your cabin is always open for them you will be surprised to see how many actually come to you and tell you things you were not aware of. When you speak to them regularly you won’t have to depend on anyone else to learn about their morale and how they feel working in the organization. in order to become an efficient manager, you need to become an approachable manager.

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Want to be an efficient manager? Never forget to keep the employees' time in consideration. Do you feel this article will help you to be an efficient manager? Do you have any more ideas to share with us? We would love to know your thoughts and opinions, so please share them with us in the comment box below.

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