How to overcome Jealousy in your Marriage?

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How to overcome Jealousy in your Marriage?
Getting into a relationship is easy but keeping it intact and beautiful requires a lot of work. As the initial stages of a marriage wear off, and partners become accustomed to each other, they start to take the other person for granted. Often enough jealousy can be a detrimental factor in marriage and can crumble the relationship. 

Though getting jealous is a human emotion and it can erupt in a person without warning, its consequences are severe. If you are the jealous type, here are some ways you can counter that feeling:

#1. Analyze Yourself

The first thing that you need to dwell upon is the kind of relationship you have. Is your marriage a rock solid affair or are there cracks that you are neglecting? Did you grow in a nurturing environment where you have had a strong bond with your parents? Often enough, your insecurities and lack of fulfilling love in an early age resulting in jealousy towards your partner.

#2. Trust  Factor

A relationship based on trust and honesty can weather all storms. If your partner is honest with you, then there is nothing that you should worry about. Don’t let jealousy prevent your partner from being open in the future.  Instead, have an open conversation with them and talk it out.

#3. Get Involved

Often, if one of the partners has a happening or hectic life, the other feels left behind, and this frequently leads to loneliness, bitterness, and jealousy. To prevent this, get involved, socialize with your partner or join communities where you get to make friends and engage in things that make you happy.

#4. No Mind Games

Jealousy has a lot of destructive attributes attached to it. Many times people resort to playing mind games to feel good about themselves and counter their jealous behavior by making their partner jealous. This is not only naive and amateur but also very demeaning. It hurts the sentiments of your partner and can create a lot of friction in your relationship.

#5. Stop Comparing

If your partner hangs out with numerous people on a daily basis, you don’t have to match yourself with each one of them. Don’t ponder over pointless questions like why would your partner choose me or how could he/she love me. The important thing to remember at all times is that they have already put a ring on you and it was for a reason. Respect yourself and their decision.

#6. Be Realistic

Jealousy is often more psychological than rooted in reality. Don’t just jump to conclusions if your partner comes late or is on a call late at night. Learn to trust him/ her and don’t keep doubting them all the time.

#7. Change Your Attitude

Your partner is married to you, but they have a life too. They aren’t a property that you want to control all the time. This is not just about baseless jealousy but borders on narcissism. The whole idea of not wanting to share your ‘property’ is a pathetic display of low self-esteem. Your partner has all the rights to socialize and mingle with other people, and it’s in no way cheating.

#8. Be Prepared to Call It Quits

If you are not happy with the marriage or your partner wants to opt out, then there is no point holding on to something that’s dying a slow death. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you will look for comfort outside, and if your partner chooses to do that, then it’s better just to let go.

#9. Give Them Space

Every person requires their ‘me’ time; even your spouse. If he/she wants to go out for an evening or spend the weekend with friends,  then just let them do it. It does not imply they don’t want you in their life; it just means they want their personal space too.

Do you often get jealous about trivial things or are you married to a jealous partner? If yes, then share with us how you cope with such situations, using the comment box given below. 

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