How to Make more Guy Friends?

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How to Make more Guy Friends?

Are you the one who has the coolest girl gang but misses out on having guy friends? Do you wish to have more of friends that are guys? First of all, it’s natural for most of us to have the same gender friends because that’s what we have been taught in our early years.

It is with time that we realize the need of having guy friends in our lives. But how to make friends with guys? Have you been trying to figure out the answers to the same? If finding out ways to make more guy friends is your agenda right now, then let us help you.

How To Make More Guy Friends?

As if it’s not challenging enough to make new gal friends that we now want to add a few dudes to our roster of friends. While we all adore our girlfriends, there’s something about a guy friend that’ unlike anything else. And what’s the best thing about having guy friends? They have more guy friends and makes for a great source in case you are looking forward to meeting new guys. So do you want to know how to make friends with guys?

#1. Be Open To Making New Friends

There could be chances that you were not very friendly with guys, but you need to do it now if you want to get more guy friends. Casual greetings and small talks can take you a long way. Remember that guys won’t respond positively whenever you try making a conversation. It could be because of multiple reasons, so give it some time before you pull yourself out of the friendship.

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#2. Join Some Extracurricular Activities

Ever liked any sports or wanted to learn to play guitar? This is the right time to enroll in any such activities where you’ll get to meet new guys and make some guy friends. Most of the girl-boy friendships start outside the school premises, and therefore an extra activity class is the best option. But do not enroll yourself just to meet boys. You’ll find boys everywhere; be it a movie club, drama classes, or even an animal shelter.

#3. Expand Your Friend Circle

If you want to know how you can make friends with guys, the best solution is to be welcoming to new people. We all have our group of friends that get us through school and college and letting other people in our group can be a task. See if your other girlfriends too are interested in making friends with guys, and start inviting the boys to simple activities like movies or just eating lunch together. Before doing that, just inform your girlfriends that you are only looking for a platonic relationship and want to make new guy friends. After all, boys make up for half the population of the world, and you need to start talking and get comfortable around them.

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#4. Spend Some Time Together

When you are trying to make new guy friends, it is important that you spend some time with them to know each other better. You can go for a walk, watch a movie together or plan any such simple activity which allows you both to talk and discuss your opinions. Involving in low-pressure activities help in developing a friendship that is meant to stay.

#5. Do Not Over Do It

Yes, girls, we know that you are excited to have a guy friend in your life and we are super happy for you. But can you just try to contain your excitement? Like, do you want to scare off your guy friend because of your excitement? No, right? So, try to control your emotions. Girls, in comparison, have always been more affectionate, be it physically or verbally. Remember that guys aren’t that expressive. You might want to hug them when you see them but start with a handshake or a “Hi.” Do not shower them with excessive love and affection.

#6. Be Yourself

The best thing to get comfortable around boys is just to be yourself. Guys are just humans and are no special than us. So just be yourself when around your guy friends. Do not try to be excessively sweet or arrogant to get his attention. Just be the person you are; funny, smart, clumsy or cute. He’ll surely like you for being yourself. Be honest while sharing your likes and dislikes, how you like to spend your days etc. it is completely okay if you are inclined or not inclined towards the feminine things like other girls. Just make it easy for your guy friend to understand you.

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#7. Go With The Flow

No, you are not a dead fish, and yet we ask you to go with the flow. It is so to bare you the pressure of being around boys. When you are new to making guy friends, avoid taking any sorts of pressure concerning your presence in front of them. Your guy friend likes you the way you are. You do not need to pretend to be something else to be liked by them. In addition to this, stop keeping any expectations. Be open to new opinions and ideas and focus on making your new guy friend comfortable.

#8. Try Out Some Masculine Activities

This one is just for fun. We all know that guys will be guys and they love to play video games, watch sports channels all day and eat like monsters (no offense, yes, you don’t need to worry about getting fat, so will you just eat anything?). Alas, we cannot help it. So, all you can do is to learn a few guys centric activities or just go through the basic rules of his favorite sport. It’ll help you in initiating an interesting conversation and make your new guy friend comfortable around you.

#9. Adapt To Their Sense Of Humor

Guys and girls can differ in the way they express humor. While girls are more into bitching and judging other girls on the basis of their clothes, guys are more generic when it comes to making fun. They can crack super funny to super lame jokes. If you wish to make more guy friends, then just start enjoying their sense of humor and make similar jokes. You can add your flavor to make things more interesting. Also, guys like girls who have a sense of humor. So just show them that you are Amy Schemer of the group. Funny jokes can be the best ice breaker if you are having troubles in making a conversation with your guy friends.

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#10. Keep Your Intentions Clear

Earlier we mentioned that you might be looking for a platonic relationship, but it can obviously be the other way round. If you like your guy friend, just be clear about your intentions. And if that’s not the case, then also, you need to keep things clear between the two of you. You might face the pressure of turning your friendship into a relationship. Do not let the pressure ruin your friendship. It is often seen that platonic relationships turn into one-sided love stories. If your friend is pressurizing you for turning the friendship into a romantic relationship even after your disinterest, then just know that he was never a friend.

We hope that the article was sufficient enough in answering your question about “how to make friends with guys.” Making friends with guys isn’t a tough job if you are ready to welcome a few changes. Guy friends are important for every girl to have, and we suggest you go for it. Do you have a lot of guy friends? Have they ever helped you score a date? Or did any of your special guy friends became something more than a friend? Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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Hahaha. This one’s funny. I am surprised to know that girls wish to make more guy friends and are asking for advice for the same. I mean not that the advices suggested aren’t completely true, but it’s just that I wasn’t aware that one could have problems in making friends with boys.
I mean come on, we are humans too, we won’t bite you. But girls will be girls, always over thinking.  I have a few girls who are my friends and all of them over think situations. Like what’s the need? But I hate to say it, that most of the times they are right. They are mentally stronger than us boys and are able to handle situations way better than us. And for some reason it is true that a platonic relationship between a girl and a boy is the most fun and exciting.
As per the article is concerned, it is amusing to read that o many things can be done to make friends with boys, honestly, maybe I made most of my friends in the same manner, but I never realized them until I read this one. And I am sure most of us haven’t, guys are like that; stupid, inattentive, and reckless, yeah it is true. We never realize how important our girls are to us.
As a matter of fact, I met my first girl friend in our drama class. We both were a part of the same play and that’s how we started chatting. We have had a great time at the rehearsals, and it’s been two years now, we are still going strong. The other two are my classmates and we bonded over our common interests in movies. All the three of us are movie buffs and we have been on multiple movie dates together.
So, as much as I can conclude, if you are looking to make new guy friends, I am always available and read below to get my number( ;p). Jokes apart, it is true that some common grounds for talking can make things really easy. I loved the point which talks about the sense of humor. Yes, it is very important. Girls and guys have varied sense of humor and it is something that I realized after making friends with girls. It doesn’t matter what the topic I s, you just need to adapt to the kind of jokes we jerks crack. Girls are more sensitive and guys are just spontaneous.
Also, few of my girl friends are pretty cool with playing Xbox and we often catch up at my place for play dates. You can always give it a try even if you have no idea about how it’s played. Trust me; we guys love to teach our stuff to girls. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary pressures, just go out there and find yourself some cool guy friends.

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