How to Stop being Fake?

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How to Stop being Fake?

Whatever people keep telling you, one fact remains the same- no one likes the fake or artificial stuff! It is not considered to be a good quality and is bad for one's reputation. But, the question arises doesn't being authentic at all times too backfires at times?

So, faking till one makes it is the only option left. And you will agree that some amount of double standards exist in all of us. However, if you have made the decision to stop being fake, this is how you can do so and even not get involved in the category of fake people!

How To Spot Fake People?

For some, fake people are pretty easy to identify. But for the other few, they are not that easily identified. So, before it gets too late and you get caught in the cobweb of fake people, here is how to spot them and accordingly prepare an action and escape plan.

It is true that such people have been conditioned to do so and it is not their fault alone. They alone cannot be blamed for possessing such an attitude. It is the society that has risen generations who are materialistic and critically messed up with their life. We are very distinct from those of the historic times. Globalization, technology, media, everything has got us away from the reality and has also lowered the ability to know the difference. What we are trying to tell here is the more we are advancing, the more this world conspires to make us fake.  It is great if you are the one who wants to benefit others, but most of the people are scared of being taken for granted.

Such are the people who would never really make any efforts targeted towards one's well-being. For them, yes, it is just about them! They are always pretending. They remain too busy to be able to help others. But they would surely find the time when something concerns them. Otherwise, there would be no person greater than them when it comes to ignoring you. All their promises vanish into the thin air. They are in a habit of gossiping all the time. They keep trying to please with actions, and they just pretend to be good on the outside but never mean that way on the inside. 

They are the ones to never initiate a contact or conversation. And so, they will also never get back to you in case of a conflict. Fake people have the talent to compliment and insult the other person at the same time. And this is how you are taken advantage of as kindness is all that you have to give out to people. Not to forget their habit of smiling just too much. Urgh! That is irritating. Genuine smiles are easier to digest than the ones that are fake. Moreover, their actual intent is to make others cry. They never want to take up any responsibilities but push them over to others. And again at the end, the world revolves around their own benefits and well-being.

How To Stop Being Fake?

In a world that brutally rejects the notion of originality, most of the times, we find ourselves conforming to the tastes and preferences of other people for the sake of acceptance. But, now that you realize how baseless it is to be that fake, you simply end up suppressing yourself. But this is how you can let out your true self and make sure that you stop being fake!

 #1. Listen To The Voice Inside

There are hundred times that our decisions can be manipulated by what others have to say and think. But, for the sake of benefiting yourself, take out a moment and reflect on the things you have been doing. See if you are going the right way. Analyze if your life is in accordance with your personal goals. Express your fears to yourself. Let yourself know about the rights and wrongs. The gut feeling never lies. So, give that voice a chance to follow your intuition, not judge others and accept the things as they are.

#2. Do Not Look At Yourself In The Mirror

Find answers by looking at yourself rather than in a mirror. What you are wearing surely makes you presentable but that does not define your true character. Pretending to have everything by just wearing the fanciest clothes and accessories is where you are going wrong. Don't try to become better than others. Be the best version of who you used to be. Dressing just to impress is not a 24 by 7 phenomenon. Be honest, know what you need rather than what you want. Be sure of your fears as well as hopes. And assure your likes and dislikes. Be real, be you!

#3. Reprogram Your Beliefs

It took months and years to program your mindset and your beliefs. You have conditioned yourself in a particular manner, whatever may be the reasons and who may ever be the manipulating force. This thinking cannot be erased overnight. Nothing really happens overnight. Everything takes time. So, the way you behave and the fake attitude you maintain will fade away only with patience. Therefore, before even thinking to bring about a physical change, make a change in your brain. Your mind first needs to think of a particular direction and act according to the same. Otherwise, your traditional way of thinking will start to bleed throughout.

#4. Reconsider Your Social Media Usage

Keep this in mind, what may ever be the benefits and to whatever extent, social media definitely leads to the creation of artificial images in your head about your own identity. That Instagram or Facebook selfie is definitely out of the world. But, is that who you really are? You are just faking in front of the audience that doesn't even give a damn! You are involving yourself in momentary happiness. And you are doing this just to gain attention. For you, there is a need to compete with others rather than concentrating on the things that matter in your life. Be the other way round!

#5. Stop Worrying About What Others Have To Say!

This can be one of the easiest ways to stop being fake but also one of the toughest to implement in reality. Pleasing people somewhat comes very naturally to humans. It becomes a habit over the time. But you need to break the habit. Let people and you be two different identities. You do not have to be fake. You do not have to care about what shit people have to give. And you do not have to care about what others have to say because even they don't care before giving you those judgmental looks!

#6. Avoid Dealing With Other Fake people

Give yourself some time to spend in peace with the company of your loved ones. Do not be fooled by others.  And do not get into the trap of people who seem to be fake. Get a hold of what they are saying and interpret their intentions. Do not simply accept their negativity and sense of superiority. If they are amongst your loved ones, confront them for their behavior. But even if after being kind, you get a response that is aggressive and insincere; know that it is time to get away from them. In order to stop being fake, you need to restrict yourself from getting in the company of more such people.

#7. Take Up The Things You Enjoy

In the hustle of attaining acceptance in this big bad world, you actually forget a hundred things that you love to do. Just to keep pretending and appearing cool, you sacrifice all those habits and passions that sum up your authentic self. So, when you are pretending just to fool others, it absolutely doesn't come to their notice. But when you are doing it with your whole heart and mind, it shows up but displays your happiness and determination. It is fine to have different opinions and it is okay for people to not accept those opinions. But just because soem random person feels you cannot do it doesn't mean even you lose your focus and find different hobbies to please them and avoid disagreements. Have a good time being you, who are and doing the things you love wholeheartedly!

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