What's The Differences Between Anime And Movies Cosplay.

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Cosplay is a broad activity. It includes movies, TV series, animation and many other aspects. Cosplay is also very different in different cos fields. Today we are going to talk about what is different. 


Movies and TV series are all acted by real people, so the production of costumes will be easier than animation. And cosers are better at acting their characters. Therefore, in terms of the difficulty of cos, movies and TV series, which are real human beings, will be relatively simple. The characters of animation are mainly 2d planar images, which are difficult to restore in costume design. After all, the clothes of cartoon characters are actually three-dimensional, not in a paper or screen.

Role of temperament

There are already some differences between anime characters and real characters, so it will be much more difficult for coser to restore a similar look and temperament. The movie characters are different. Everyone is normal in real life. Although looks and the actor may be different, but are eyes nose mouth. So it's relatively easy to cosplay.

Except above all, which one would you like to cosplay is depended on yourself. No matter anime or movies, just try to do that. Only you are glad to cosplay, then it's worth it.

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