What should you attention about cosplay?

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Recently, some newcomers cosplay enthusiasts have asked me about cosplay considerations. Definitely,more and more people take part in cosplay activities. However, When a newcomer first doing that, there will always be more or less things that cannot be considered. Now, let me introduce what should be done before and after cos for you. I hope I can help you!

At first, the precautions about exhibition.

1: On the day before the cosplay event, the props group and the cosplayers, must check their accessories and clothes. Props groups check the sound, microphone, CD and other items for damage and loss. Coser checks the clothes and the prop has no damage or lost. The makeup group checks whether the cosmetics are in stock.

2: On the day of exhibition, if it is morning cosplay, you would better try to arrive at around 5 in the morning. If it is noon, you could arrive at around 7 o'clock in the morning. If it is night, try to arrive in the morning. And another attention: Don't be late please.

If it is not necessary, you can choose some cheap cosplay costumes firstly. The task for a newcomer is contact and know cosplay circle rather than purchase a expensive costume.

 3: On the way to the scene, not to shout loudly and run around, you can't play and fight, try to avoid places with lots of people, and you can't mess with cos props everywhere.

4: When you arrive at the scene, you must stand in a place where you can't run around. Don't shout at the scene and listen to the arrangements of your superiors.

5: When others are on the catwalk, don't look behind the stage. When others are singing, don't sing in the background. If you have nothing to do, don't go to the audience!

6: When you are on the catwalk, pay attention to whether the action is inappropriate or you will wear it or go out.

7: Avoiding being secret photographed by people. After taking pictures, pay attention to tell the photographer to respect the copyright, and writing the team words.

Last One, Safety.Satety. Trying not to cosplay in night or few people place. I wish everyone who contact with cosplay could like it. It’s not only relaxing way, but also making new friends and enthusiasts by participating in group activities.

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