Why are you joining in cosplay?

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Now cosplay sector is growing,different from before.And the age of audience is also growing.There are lots of people know about cosplay even if they didn’t hear about that ever.Today, we can’t ignore the influence of cosplay. It is a new pattern of manifestation of fans. So,what are the reasons of people become coser?


Hobby is the best teacher in doing anything.In students time,a good result of subject is depended on whether you are interested in it mostly.We always pay attention to what we like and willing to cost time and money.Many people choose to become coser due to hobby or interest.

It includes two hands,one hand is the love of characters or works of film or anime.It seems like people who love spider-man or iron-man and trying to be them by making up.Marvel and DC comics derivative lots of cosplay lover.These fans are really fond of the characters created by marvel,Dc and joining to be a cosplayer.

The other hand is the love of role-playing itself. Cosplay is one of role-playing.It is different from traditional and opera actors. Coser is more freedom without the constraint of rules and the script.They have nice Lens sense. In other words,they are possible to be professional model or stylist.


Besides amateur,there are professional permanent staff.They choose the industry due to variety of reasons and formed their own careers in related activities.Like professional coser,photogreapher, studio and so on.They are one part of cosplay industry chains.Comparing to amateurs,they are more professional and obtain income and remuneration through cosplay.


In modern society, people living in metropolitan areas face pressure from all sides. Coincidentally,the best develop and largest cosplay is often in big city indifferent countries.By economic perspective,big city has stronger spending power.Income level of local people could support cosplay activities.By spiritual perspective,many people who living in high stress will relax themselves by cosplay.It seems like playing basketball,doing yoga and running.This is a new type of entertainment even you don’t feel tired.

Above all,these are my opinions of why people join cosplay,what do you think of it?

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