The role of wigs in cosplay

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I'm sure you all know what a wig is. Wig is not uncommon in our daily life, even some people will wear a wig when going out, to cover their own hair.

Cosplay wigs often appear in anime characters and fantasy movie characters. Of course, many long hair characters are also inseparable from wigs. In some roles that do not use wigs, most of the time there are similar headgear, masks and other head decorations to replace. It's not enough just to have one outfit. Hairstyle can greatly change a person's appearance. Wig can increase the feeling of substitution, will not let a person feel out of the play.

Take the characters Consort Yu and the king of lanling in the mobile game fate grand order for example. One of the characters of Consort Yu is her long black hair. Without the wig, the character's most important features would not have been reflected. And the king of lanling has short white hair. Although hair length is average, but silver-white need wig or hair dye. And the hair that dye white can be too outstanding apparently, besides quite professional cos and hobbyist, believe to won't go commonly dye a hair!

In addition to these two characters, many of the characters' hairstyles are highly recognizable. Therefore, wigs play an important part in cosplay. Although it has few objects, it has a significant influence on the overall sensory perception.

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