Why are some Babies born with Lots of Hair on their head?

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Why are some Babies born with Lots of Hair on their head?

A couple who is soon going to have a baby needs to think a lot before their little bundle of joy enters the world. There are a lot of things to deal with when a baby takes birth such as its diapers, sleepless nights, vomit, excrement and more. Apart from these things, they should be also worried about what if their baby is born with a head full of hair. Let’s find out together why this happens and what to do. Are you ready to take care of your baby if they are born with too much hair? I’m sure you are!

Did you know that a baby’s hair color and hair type is known by the genes and ethnicity his parents hold? If by chance both the couple have strong fine, straight hair, then be ready to witness the same straight and fine hair on your baby’s head. In case, the woman has thick and straight hair, and the man has thin and curly hair then to your surprise, your baby’s hair might be like either of them. Bud Zukow, a pediatrician, says ‘It’s a genetic thing or even an ethnic thing. Just like any other characteristic some babies have more hair than others.”

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Many researchers and experts have agreed with him although there have been cases where he had been proven wrong. To everybody’s surprise, there have been babies who grew with thick hair when their parents had thin hair. Also, there have been babies who have taken birth with blonde hair whereas parents had brown hair. Isn’t it surprising? 

Since the hair of the new born does not remain the same as the baby tends to shed off their hair in premier six months of their birth only to be re-grown between nine to twelve months, it's fine to have hair as that! Nevertheless, the new hair is way different from the previous hair they acquired at birth in terms of texture and color. You must remember that in case your little one is bald; you need to take proper care of his scalp. Also, if he owns a few hair or lots, then take good care of his hair. Cradle cap problem should be prevented by taking sound care of the baby’s hair and scalp.

Well, now we know why a new born has such hair so here is a list of options telling us how can take care of the hair:

#1. Wash The Hair

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One should wash the baby’s hair with a sweet baby shampoo. Use a condition if their hair is too soft or tends to get tangled up. Avoid washing their hair on a daily basis as they are too young for that.

#2. Use Brush

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On a regular basis, comb or brush your baby’s hair. Some of them like it as they feel pampered. But be careful! Just observe that the bristles of the comb are soft for the baby’s scalp. They should have round edges as well.

#3.  Hair Accessories

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Tight headbands or rubber bands should be avoided for your baby’s hair. It might make him feel uncomfortable and will damage your baby’s hair too. So, be cautious or consult your doctor before using.

#4. Trim

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Give a small trim to your baby if he needs it. Babies start crying easily so do trimming when is in the cooperative mood probably after a sumptuous meal or a sound nap.  And, not to forget! Use baby scissors which are safe and won’t damage his scalp.

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