Think these things before getting a tattoo

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Think these things before getting a tattoo

 What is a tattoo? It is nothing but an art on the skin depicting letters and images on any of the body parts using a temporary or a permanent ink.

   It is a Polynesian word meaning “to write”.


  So basically, we are using our body as a blackboard for our imaginative writings, which could range from letters, numbers, and simple pictures to complicated images.

  As mentioned above, the tattoos can be of two types, temporary and permanent. It might sound eye catching and beautiful, but it has its own disadvantages.

  There are certain things, which need to be thought about before going in for a tattoo, especially permanent tattoo. They are:

1. Painful: It does hurt the skin and so we need to bear up with the pain.


2. Allergies: Allergic reactions could be:

• The tattooed area could become swollen.


• The skin could become red and flaky in nature.

• A severe rash could prop up on the writing.

3. Infection: When it comes to tattooing, please do not go for cheaper or unhygienic shops as the tattoo maker could use infected or used needles, which could land us with a very common skin infection, say Hepatitis.


4. Last but not the least, since it is permanent, it would not go!!!!Therefore if after some time we lose interest and would want to remove it, it is even more complicated and painful.


   Comparatively, temporary tattoo can be considered as a better option and the best tattoo that our ancestors have used for decades is henna, which actually cools down the body, gives a beautiful reddish tinge to the hands and legs, and after some time goes off, giving way to another design in the near future as it is a temporary one.


  But if one is very particular about permanent tattoos, think twice before going for it as if the ink used is of bad quality, it could endanger one's life too.


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