Is it possible to get the Temporary Tattoo look like the Real Tattoo?

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Is it possible to get the Temporary Tattoo look like the Real Tattoo?

With most people opting for tattoos, getting inked is becoming a major trend among teenagers. While some muster courage to get a real tattoo, others are resorting to temporary tattoos to flaunt the look of a tattoo. But does Temporary tattoo look exactly like the real one? 

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getting a permanent tattoo carries a lot of risks as a time might come when you no longer in love with it, and let me tell you, removing a permanent tattoo is even more excruciating than getting one. Henna tattoos are a good option if you want to get a temporary tattoo. If done carefully, by an expert, it can look almost like a permanent one.  

It really depends on who is creating the tattoo. The quality that the facility maintains is really important for any of the tattoos to bring themselves out in the best possible design. Getting a temporary looking like a real one is definitely possible.

Yes, it is possible to get a temporary tattoo that looks like a permanent one. I once got a tattoo and it was on me for a few weeks. However, if you want something to say for your entire life you should go for a permanent one!

In my opinion, it is not possible to get a temporary tattoo done in such a way that it can change it into a Real tattoo. If you want to get a Temporary Tattoo look like a real tattoo then you can get it done in the following ways:-

1. Airbrush Tattoo- You can get it done at any carnival. They are really easy. You get a stencil and air brush. The air brush, when sprayed over the stencil, makes the kind of design drawn on the stencil. It stays for 2-7 days.

2. Henna Tattoo- You can get a cone filled with henna. You can get a beautiful design drawn on your hand by a professional or do it yourself.

Tattoos are a very personal choice and one has to be careful about getting themselves inked as it will be part of you forever. In case you are looking for temporary tattoos, you can get one done very easily from smaller tattoo parlours as they are cheaper. The temporary ones look pretty great initially but eventually fade. If you are getting it done as a fashion trend then go for the temporary one and if you like it, you can get it permanently inked.

I'm sure we can, provided we get hold of artistic hands.

I'm sure you can get a temporary tattoo look like a permanent one (at least for some days). You just need to find a skillful tattoo artist to do the job for you. It isn't something that is completely out of question.

Well, there's nothing better than a permanent tattoo. Although it's difficult to decipher the difference between temporary and permanent tattoos in the beginning, with time as the temporary one begins to fade away, you realize that real tattoos are better. But, you must ensure that you choose a tattoo that holds a significant meaning. Else, you may regret your choice!

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