If you have Accidentally Deleted Files in Windows, How would you Get them back?

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If you have Accidentally Deleted Files in Windows, How would you Get them back?

While working on my laptop, I accidentally deleted some crucial files pertaining to my work and now I do not know how to retrieve them. I am using Windows.

If you have encountered a problem similar to mine, kindly share your experience and help me in identifying a solution to the problem. 

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You can restore the files which have accidentally been deleted from your computer. There are two ways to restore a file. Firstly, you can restore the files from the backup option, if you had been using the window backup. In this, you have to make sure that all the files are available is the backup and then you can follow the following steps:-

1. Click the start Button.

2. Go to the Control Panel

3. Click on the System and Maintenance.

4. Then, go to Backup and Restore.

5. Now, you can restore the files from the Restore my files option.

You can also restore the files from the previous version restoration option.

In this, first you have to detect from where the files had been deleted. Once you have located the place where the file is stored, you can right click on the folder and chose the option 'restore' from the previous version option. This can also help you to get the deleted files back

It's really simple. you need to right away check the RECYCLE BIN  folder for any of the files that you delete. Each deleted items gets into that particular folder. Find the deleted file, right click on the same and press "Restore". It's that easy. Check back on to the original location and there's your file!!

Check your recycle bin first. Did you get your files there? In case you've permanently deleted the files, you will not find them in the recycle bin and it can be tough to restore those files. But, I'm sure there are a lot of third party software which can help you.

All the data you delete in Windows first goes to the recycle bin from where you can recover it. All you have to do is open the recycle bin, locate the file or folder that you wish to recover, right click on it and tap on the restore option. With this, the data will be restored to its original location. Also, you can click on the delete option in case you wish to permanently delete it from your system. 

You can always find your deleted files in the recycle bin which is on the desktop. if you have accidentally emptied the recycle bin, then you can use some third party software that retrieves deleted files.  

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