How to know if your Rolex is Fake or Real?

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How to know if your Rolex is Fake or Real?

Do you own a Rolex? Is your exquisite piece of accessory real or a counterfeit? Well, the market is flooded with fake watches that are catching the fancy of the buyers who do not wish to splurge much on the luxury brand. 

In such cases, how would you differentiate a real Rolex from that of a fake one? What are the points that you must keep in mind while trying to identify the real from the counterfeit? Share with us. Comment on the box below to express your opinions and views!

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The easiest way to prevent the purchase of a reproduction or phony wristwatch is to buy from a reputable and trusted seller. Do your research well and get to know where the watch is being sold from. Also, check the weight of the watch. Genuine Rolex watches are heavier due to the use of finest materials. Fake watches are light and flimsy.

An easy way for you to spot a knock off Rolex is by observing the second hand. In a fake Rolex, the second hand stutters while it is always smooth is a real watch. If you have ever owned a real Rolex, you might have also noticed that the movement of its second hand does not make any sound. This would not be the case with a fake watch.

Another easy way to tell a real Rolex from a fake one is by their weight. Since high-quality metals are used in making a Rolex, it is usually heavier than a knock off.

All I know is spotting a fake Rolex is quite easy. These are generally lighter in weight and aren’t made of high-quality metals. There weight differences as well. 

It is often hard to not get confused between a fake and a real Rolex watch but there are certain things that can help you identify a real Rolex watch. One such thing is that a fake watch will be really light compared to the original.

To figure out if your Rolex is real or fake it is very important to observe the patent marks of the company which is often missing on the fake copies.

A fake Rolex will weigh less than an original one of the same type. 

Once I had gone to purchase a Rolex watch where I came across a man who was selling the branded watch for an amount one third its actual price. I was astonished to see this but later grew suspicious about the quality of the watch. It then struck me that it may be a counterfeit. I immediately recalled the things I knew about the brand and saved myself from getting duped. Hope these facts prove helpful to you as well!

1. The serial and the model number of a real Rolex will always be engraved deeply. It will glow in the light like deep cut.

2. Fake Rolex watches don't care to have the logo mentioned on them. They just put the name. That's a clear difference!

3. A real Rolex will always have its name engraved on the inside as well. Whereas on the fake ones they will never be able to match the craftsmanship.

4. Last but not the least the original will always be waterproof.

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