Do you think it is OK to breast feed in public?

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Do you think it is OK to breast feed in public?

The mothers breastfeeding have been shamed 

In an amusement park,

At a homeless shelter,

At a café,

On a bus,

At the mall,

In a grocery store,

And at all the places outside the home!

Breastfeeding in public had really been a controversial issue. In the past, there have been many social and web debates on the same. It has been a fearful dilemma for the mothers who travel/work with their newborns and mostly have no place to cover or hide for meeting the needs of their newly born. Many mothers have been shamed and humiliated numerous times at numerous places over publically breastfeeding.

In a social experiment, a couple was made to sit around people to breastfeed a fake baby/doll and the results were really horrific. People were offended and left the place. Many objected saying that there are many private places where the babies can actually be fed and mostly being women. While only a few understood that a baby needs to be fed regardless of the place and time.

Some people (generalizing would be wrong) consider breastfeeding wrong in public and it is generally looked down upon in the society, also it is termed as ‘inappropriate’. The issue here is the mentality of people about the ‘appropriateness’ of it. A mother of four described her experience of publically nursing as ‘fearful’. She told she was afraid of the judgment, though she had had kids who didn’t tolerate being covered.

In my opinion nursing, a baby in public is OK. What’s wrong with it is the mentality of people that only focus on the sexual function of a female body which makes it ‘inappropriate’ for them. Breastfeeding is a physiological need. Before running down to judgment seeing a mother feeding her infant in the grocery store or a subway, we should focus on the whole picture instead of just focusing on the exposed breast.

Here are some beautiful breastfeeding pictures to celebrate motherhood:

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Motherhood is a very special feeling to any lady. Breast feeding has become a big issue to modern day mothers. They feel by breastfeeding they are spoiling their figure. So people are stopping it. But breastfeeding is very important to the infants. Its responsibility of mother for a healthy upbringing of her kiddo. Breastfeeding in public can mean breastfeeding in front of a relative or friend in your own home, or in a public place, such as a cafe or shopping center.

Every now and then, a news report or story related to nursing in public pops up in my news feeds. Often, it's about a mother who was asked to stop nursing while doing so in a restaurant or store. Sometimes, these stories are reporting on the result of a mother being asked to stop breastfeeding: the civil protest by a bunch of breastfeeding mothers, otherwise known as a "nurse-in." 
I have heard of mothers getting negative comments and nasty looks when breastfeeding in public. This is really sad. When someone sees a nursing ANIMAL they will say, “oh, how cute!” Shouldn’t a nursing baby get the same reaction (if any at all)? Besides, a nursing baby should be much more welcome than a screaming baby who needs to eat. I know so many nursing moms (including myself) who have gotten really nice comments from the surrounding passengers on airplanes. And, by the way, breastfeeding in public is not illegal and is not indecent exposure – anywhere! Many states have laws expressly saying this. Some moms even carry a copy of the law in their diaper bag or purse.
  Here are some ideas to help you get started:
Plan ahead. Before you go out, it can help to think about where you will feel comfortable breastfeeding when your baby gets hungry. Ask breastfeeding friends for recommendations.

  • Clothes and bra. What you wear when you’re breastfeeding is a matter of personal taste and what you feel comfortable in. For example, some mums like to wear loose tops that can be lifted up. Others, who prefer to keep their tummy covered, wear two stretchy tops, so that the top layer can be lifted up and the bottom layer can be pulled down. A soft non-underwired bra can be easily pulled up or down when you want to feed your baby.

·        Baby slings, scarves and clothes. Some baby slings are designed in such a way that you can breastfeed while your baby is still in the sling. Ask your health visitor for more information. Some mums feel more comfortable laying a scarf or muslin cloth over their chest while they’re breastfeeding.

·        Take someone with you. It can help to go with a friend who has an older baby and can take you to places that she already knows would be comfortable for you to sit and feed. You could go with someone else, such as your mum, partner, sister or friend, so that there's always someone to talk to.

·        Avoid the loos. Don’t feel that you should sit in a public toilet to breastfeed. You wouldn’t eat in there, so don’t feel that your baby should.


 So if you are breastfeeding, please don’t stay at home! Go out, have some fun, and nurse in public. The more often mothers nurse in public, the more accepted it will become.

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