Is it Secure to Use Public Wi-Fi?

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Is it Secure to Use Public Wi-Fi?

With Wi-Fi becoming an inevitable part of our lives, it is growing impossible to survive without an access of internet in modern times. In such cases, most people either depend on Wi-Fi services available around them or some avail the privilege of activating a data pack to keep internet services enabled on their gadgets at all times.

While using private connection of Wi-Fi seems like a fair idea, is it safe to register with public servers? Will that not raise security concerns in terms of privacy invasion?

What's you take on it? Do you feel public Wi-Fi providers threaten the security of personal data? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views on the same?

Answers (7)

Most public Wi-Fis may be safe but there can be ones that are set up as a trap to hack into your device and steal all your personal information. It may sound like something you see in a movie, but we are sort of living in a world like that. So, a public Wi-Fi may appear to be lucrative to see which one of your friends has pinged you on Whatsapp or Facebook, think carefully if you are willing to take the risk.  

I don't think it is safe to use Public Wi-fi. Nowadays, our gadgets are our entire life on the go! I would say Public Wifi's are as safe as making all your personal details public on a social media. So, take your call.

I don't find it secure to use a public Wi-Fi. It can easily compromise all my personal information. It may be convenient to operate them in emergencies, but until I don't have something really important in hand I restrict using those. Public wifi service present at an airport is, however, a good idea but somewhere else - a big no no. 

The public Wi-Fi is not a secure way to use the internet. The Wi-Fi is created through a combination of internet and router which, when connected to the access points, turns into a Wireless Fidel. This wireless internet usage is secured with a Personal Secured Key with the protection proxy of WPSK2. Now, if we use a public Wi-Fi we are not secured with the PSK. So, if the hackers want to track our device with software called sniffing, they can easily decrypt our files and leak the important information.

Using public WIfi does sound interesting, but the safety cannot be assured. 

I don't think that all public wi-fi are safe. Some of them might be, but not all. The security depends on the service provider. You have to make sure that you know who is the service provider and if their service is safe or not.

I don't think it is absolutely safe to use public wifi. For all you know, some hacker might have created the connection to get into your device. I would always suggest to only join trusted networks. 

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